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The reviews of our customers show that the Barclaycard loan is paid out particularly quickly. In addition, the good communication during loan processing is rated positively. Among other things, the SMS notifications are mentioned here. Borrowers receive these when there are important status updates for loan processing. According to the Barclaycard experience of About-Invest customers, this ensures transparency in the entire process. Not only employees, but also self-employed people appreciate the Barclaycard credit. Thanks to the flexible conditions, About-Invest customers can find tailored offers. With the credit comparison from About-Invest you can get your Barclaycard credit straight away. Our credit specialists exchange information with the Barclaycard throughout the entire credit process. This enables us to offer you personal advice on all questions relating to your Barclaycard credit. In addition, thanks to the arrangements, your documents can be forwarded without any loss of time. You can get your Barclaycard loan through About-Invest particularly quickly and easily.

Barclaycard credit: General information

Barclaycard has been one of our partners since 2011. For you as a About-Invest customer, this cooperation results in particularly favorable conditions. Barclaycard offers a loan from 2.49% APR. If you apply for your loan alone, loan amounts from 10,000 euros to a maximum of 25,000 euros are possible. In the case of joint loans, the volume ranges from 10,000 euros to a maximum of 35,000 euros. You can repay your loan within 36 to 84 months.

Barclaycard installment loan Self-employed loan
At Barclaycard you can apply for a loan for free use online. You decide for yourself what you use the money for. You can easily adapt the loan amount, term and installments to your project and your financial situation. The monthly repayment gives you planning security at all times. If your old installment loan is too expensive for you, you can replace it with a Barclaycard loan. In addition, About-Invest customers save costs by amalgamating several old loans. Simply specify in the application – Barclaycard takes care of the rest via the credit exchange service. Do you run a small business? Then you can generally apply for the self-employed loan at Barclaycard via About-Invest (due to the current Corona situation, however, no loans will be granted to self-employed until further notice). This gives you financial leeway for your business. It is important that you present a copy of your most recent income tax assessment to the bank. This must not be older than a maximum of three years. You must also have been self-employed for at least 12 months. Tip: Small businesses can have rental income credited to Barclaycard for their loan.
Product details
Loan amount

€ 10,000 – € 35,000

Running time

36 – 84 months


from 2.49%

Barclaycard credit features

About-Invest customers can make special repayments free of charge at any time with Barclaycard. Use this advantage to reduce your rate or to shorten the term. You also benefit from secure loan planning with Barclaycard. You can also take out residual debt insurance for your Barclaycard loan. This will cover your outstanding payments in the event of incapacity for work or unemployment and in the event of death. Another big advantage is that self-employed people can also apply for the Barclaycard credit. In addition, credit processing is particularly fast thanks to QES (qualified electronic signature) and video identification.

Barclaycard: our partner

Barclaycard has been a About-Invest partner since 2011. Employees and especially the self-employed appreciate the Barclaycard credit. Our customers rate the reliable notifications and the quick payouts very positively. Free special repayments and the option of residual debt insurance – this is what this bank offers you. About-Invest customers also recommend the Barclaycard credit because of the favorable conditions.

Requirements for the Barclaycard credit

For a loan approval with Barclaycard, some requirements are binding. These relate to the place of residence, occupation and financial starting position of the respective applicant. This information is relevant for Barclaycard to ensure loan repayment. You must therefore meet the following criteria:

  • Dependent employment, civil servant status, self-employment or retirement
  • If you are self-employed, the employment relationship has been in existence for at least 12 months
  • German bank account and main residence in the Federal Republic of Germany

Documents for the Barclaycard credit

Barclaycard uses a number of documents to check whether applicants have provided correct information about the credit requirements. Depending on the profession and type of employment, the following documents must be submitted in addition to the signed credit agreement:

  • Proof of income (= pay slip)
  • Employees: Copy of the last pay slip; Self-employed: Income tax assessment 
  • Pension assessment for retired persons Only for civil servants Account statement with last withdrawal and most recent withdrawal notification

How to use the Barclaycard loan calculator

Calculate your Barclaycard credit easily with our free and non-binding calculator. This enables you to better estimate how the loan amount, term and effective annual interest rate affect the monthly rate and interest expense. This gives you a first impression that does not yet take your personal and financial situation into account. For offers that are specifically tailored to you, simply fill out our application form.

Background information on Barclaycard

Barclaycard Deutschland is a branch of the Irish Barclays Bank Ireland PLC. With around 670 employees, Barclaycard looks after over a million customers in Germany. The parent company’s roots are in England, where Barclays Bank was founded in 1966. In Germany, Barclaycard has been offering flexible installment loans in addition to credit cards since 2008.

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