How to get Baukindergeld in Germany

Residents of Germany, regardless of citizenship and marital status, can receive support for purchasing their own home – Baukindergeld. So the state decided to help parents with minor children buy real estate for independent living.

The law is valid from 18.09.2018.

Families should not have to choose between spending on children and buying real estate (Angela Merkel)

Conditions for obtaining Baukindergeld

Parents apply for money

  • who bought an apartment or house in Germany after 1.1.2018,
  • living in this housing,
  • receiving German child support for a child under 18 on the date of the request,
  • the family’s annual income does not exceed € 75,000 plus € 15,000 for each child.

Payout amount

For each child in the family, he pays 100 € monthly for 10 years from the date of application. The actual amount of assistance per child is 12,000 €.

The subsidy is paid for a decade regardless of the child’s age. It is enough that on the day of the application he has not yet turned 18.

children year 10 years
1 1200 € € 12,000
2 2400 € € 24,000
3 3600 € € 36,000
4 4800 € € 48,000
five 6000 € 60,000 €

The support amount is paid annually.

The total amount of money given out to support German families is limited. When the Baukindergeld budget is used up, the program will end and new members will no longer be accepted.

Real estate requirements

Support is provided only for the first purchase of a home in a family’s life. If a person in the past owned a living space in Germany, then sold the object and applies for a new subsidy, they will refuse.

The first construction or purchase is supported only after the owner’s move. Apply for benefits when you register where you live .

If the owner of the property plans to rent it out, one cannot count on getting a Baukindergeld either.

The day of purchase or start of construction is decisive. The housing allowance in Germany is only valid for real estate purchased since the beginning of 2018. The date of purchase is the day the contract is signed with a notary.

It is allowed to own a residential property not 100%. For example, according to the documents, a house under construction may belong to an adult son and father. But if the son himself has a child and wants to ask for help from the state for construction, ownership of at least 50% is required. The size of the shares is determined by an extract from the Land Register.

The cost of housing must be higher than the amount of support received. In other words, a building received for free or for a symbolic amount does not give the right to ask for children’s “construction” money.

Today, it is planned to support the acquisition of housing in Germany until the end of 2020.

Children eligible for housing allowance

The Baukindergeld applicant must be the parent or guardian of the minor. It’s easier to put it this way: a person receives children’s money in Germany . The child is obliged to live with the parent capitalist.

For each child, it is allowed to receive support for the construction of German housing only once. An adult can also apply for help once.

You cannot enter unborn children into the application. After processing the request, adding newborns is also prohibited.

Family income

The maximum allowable amount of household income subject to tax is 75 thousand euros and 15 thousand for each minor descendant.

Children Max. salary
1 90,000
2 105000
3 120,000
4 135000
five 150,000

The profit is calculated based on the presentation of two decisions of the tax service on the declaration 2 and 3 years before the registration of the benefit.

For example, if the application is submitted in 2019, you must show the results of processing the tax return for 2016 and 2017.

Household income includes the finances of both parents or partners.

Applying for Baukindergeld

You must send a request for support no later than three months after the actual move. The number of entry is the day indicated in the registration at the place of stay in Germany.

When buying a home in which a family already lives, for example, in the case of buying out an apartment that was previously rented, the arrival date is taken from the notary contract for the purchase of real estate.

If the object was acquired in 2018, but before the adoption of the law, it is allowed to submit applications before the end of the year. Children who are under the age of 18 at the time of entry or who were born within three months of the move are taken into account.

You will have to fill out the application online at the KfW-Zuschussportal website . In any other form, applications will not be accepted.

To verify your identity, you will need to go through video identification or present your passport to the clerk at the post office – Postident.

After submitting an application to Baukindergeld online, a confirmation of admission will be sent to the applicant’s email address. Then you need to send documents to the specified address:

  • Einkommensteuerbescheide – two certificates from the tax office for the year before last and the year before last.
  • Meldebestätigungen – a paper issued by the city hall to prove the residence of the applicant and children.
  • Grundbuchauszug – certificate confirming the right and percentage of ownership of real estate.

It is assumed that in the future they will complete the possibility of downloading the above certificates also via the Internet.

After processing the request and a positive decision, the applicant is credited with the payment for the year for all children. The next payment will take place in the same month when the first came – and so ten years in a row.

Obligations of the recipient of the Baukindergeld

For the next decade, the addressee of the parental construction capital is obliged to keep the originals of the papers that he sent or received from KfW.

Before the end of payments, you must immediately inform KfW about housing if:

  • the property is no longer used independently
  • For Rent
  • sold or otherwise changed ownership.

The right to receive money expires with the termination of independent use. It is not required to return the money paid before the congress.

Action plan

  • Buy real estate in Germany
  • Move and register
  • Fill out the Baukindergeld application form
  • Verify your identity through video identification or by mail.
  • Receive a response by email and send the requested documents

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