Blacklist in Telegram: how to add contacts in the blacklist?

Telegram blacklist: what is it for? Every day we encounter a huge number of people, and not all of them meet our deep-rooted ideas about good and evil, about good manners and politeness. Inadequacies are everywhere, and the internet is no exception. Words do not always have the necessary impact, and the useful Black List feature comes to the rescue . In Telegram, the user listed there will not be able to send you a text, voice message or call. Telegram provides a pleasant, comfortable and safe online experience, taking care of users. You can protect yourself from unwanted communication both on a smartphone and on a personal computer. Almost all platforms have this functionality, and Telegram keeps up with them.

How to add to the blacklist in Telegram? A few swipes or mouse clicks will save you from annoying and aggressive interlocutors. Let’s see how to achieve this: the ability to block profiles is actively used by members of the Telegram community. The reasons are common: unwillingness to have a conversation, protection from negative emotions or ordinary spam that distracts from the full consumption of information on the social network.

How to add on computer

Follow these instructions to blacklist a person on your computer.

  1. Right-click on the user icon. A window with a menu will open.
  2. Select the “Block User” button.
  3. There is no need to confirm the action.

There is another way to get rid of the spammer or boor in the computer version of the application.

  • Highlight the offending user in your contact list.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the phrase “Contact info”.
  • At the bottom, find the “Block User” button.
  • You will not need to confirm the action either.

In both cases, the person will remain in your contact list, but will no longer be able to tell you something impartial or send you spam. You can unblock it by pressing the “Unblock User” button, respectively. The participant learns that he has been blacklisted by seeing that his messages remain unread (with one checkmark opposite). Also, he will not see whether a potential interlocutor is on the network at the moment or not: he will be greeted by the phrase that the addressee “visited a very long time ago”. Calls will be blocked too.

Guidelines for limiting access

  1. At the very bottom of the screen are three sections: “Contacts”, “Chats” and “Settings” (“Contacts”, “Chats”, “Settings”). Select the last item.
  2. Scroll through all the sections until you find “Privacy and Security”.
  3. The next step is “Blocked Users”. If until now you have not “conflicted” with anyone, the list will be empty.
  4. Click on the “+” sign to open the list of available accounts. Among them, select the people with whom communication is undesirable. Their list will be saved in the same section.
  5. Now blocked users will not be able to write to you or even complain to the support service. You have complete control over their access to your personal space.
  6. Unblocking a user is carried out in the same way, by clicking on the “Unblock” item. The button should be held down for a few seconds. After clicking, there will be options for further actions: select “Remove person from the list”.
  7. You can block and “return” the interlocutor back an unlimited number of times. But remember, you can be treated the same way: don’t make decisions based on emotions.

How to add to blacklist in mobile application

Most users prefer to use their smartphone in Telegram: convenient, practical, the messenger is always at hand. I do not want to turn on the computer again to put the aggressor on the black list. But it doesn’t matter – Telegram has the ability to block any person in a minute. The question arises: how to block an ill-wisher in the mobile version?

  • You will need to find a contact in the general list: to speed up the process, use the search box by entering the first letters of the name of the person you need (or his nickname).
  • Then you need to click on the icon in the form of three dots following each other (ellipses) to open information about what can be done in relation to a particular account.
  • Among other options, select “Block User”.
  • A pop-up window will clarify whether you are sure of the decision. You need to send consent confirming the action.

A few quick taps on the screen will save you the hassle of constantly interacting with bots, personal enemies, and internet trolls. However, if your opinion changes dramatically, you can remedy the situation, because the person will remain in the contact list anyway.

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