History BMW Bank: credit and financing

BMW Bank – was founded in Munich in 1971, is part of the BMW Group in the area of ​​financial services. The main focus is on the financing of motor vehicles. Anyone who decides to become a BMW Bank customer can hope for many advantages when buying a new car. The potential customer is advised primarily on purchasing financing and financing for the storage of vehicles from BMW and Mini. Sales financing is also offered, especially for business customers. The BMW Bank not only provides financing plans, but also offers conventional bank loans that can be used to finance an annual car.

Credit advantages for financing motor vehicles

The BMW Bank company has many offers that create advantages when it comes to financing new cars. With the Mobil Plan onTop, for example, a savings account is set up that includes a car purchase bonus. Mobil Plus offers the customer a lucrative call money account and the Mobil Brief a savings bond. BMW is thus creating a sophisticated solution for mobility needs and their financing for private and business customers. In addition to leasing business, insurance, maintenance and repair services are also offered. Especially for people who have to stay mobile and whose professional life is dependent on their mobility, many opportunities and clever systems open up through the company’s offers.

BMW Bank: Financing, time deposits and overnight money

Starting with the financing of vehicles, the offer has continuously expanded. As a financial service provider, the bank now offers fixed-term and overnight accounts. BMW fixed-term deposits are suitable for short- and medium-term investments and require a minimum deposit of 5,000 euros. With BMW online overnight money, however, no minimum deposit is required; the same applies to the savings account and online savings account, which also offer attractive interest rates. With the Credit Card, customers receive a Europe-wide vehicle cover letter. If you want to make use of the bank’s investments, you are not bound to drive a car of the same name. However, the financing offers for a car loan often result from the fact that customers have also bought a BMW. The bank is active in many countries under the name BMW Group Financial Services. The range of services ranges from financing and investment options to insurance.

Bank data

BMW Bank

Legal form: GmbH
Headquarters: Heidemannstrasse 164 in 80787 Munich
Founding: 1971
Business figures: EUR 4.5 billion balance sheet total
Employees: 860
Website: https://www.bmwbank.de/
Telefon: 089 3184-0
Fax: 089 3184-3900

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