Boiled eggs: how long does it take to cook

Boiled eggs cook quickly, ideal for a light, but very healthy and invigorating breakfast. Such a simple recipe as boiled eggs can be prepared according to all the rules, then:

the shell will remain intact, and you don’t need much to crack;
the squirrel will not leave its habitat;
the yolk will have the desired degree of readiness (solid, liquid, semi-liquid and moderately liquid);
the protein will not turn into rubber.

I can’t believe that boiled eggs have any special way of cooking. There are hundreds of them. This article will show you how easy it is to prepare soft-boiled eggs at the level of Italian chefs.

How to boil soft boiled eggs

There is no limit to perfection in culinary art: boiling chicken eggs seems to be the simplest thing, but we will figure out every nuance: from the temperature of the water to the number of eggs for a certain size of a saucepan. Is it possible to achieve an ideal result at home, and not just dip a few eggs into water and take them out ready, if you remember, of course.

So how do you boil eggs properly? To figure it out, we’ll take fresh produce. That is, the ten lying around in the supermarket should be left where it was lying. It is better to find the market closest to your home and buy all agricultural products there.

Million dollar tip:
To understand how correct the expiration dates are, we use a method that has been tested for more than a dozen years. Place eggs in water. The fresh ones sink, and the stale ones will either hang out or float up.

A nuance that helps to recognize the freshest, rustic egg, even a child can be safely fed with it: the less time has passed since the egg is taken, the more difficult it is to clean boiled.

Already stocked up with dozens of eggs taken from the hen and heading to the kitchen to test our own worth as a hostess? First, wash the eggs. Always try to wash any food before cooking, and it is even better to wash eggs before loading them into the fridge cells.

Prepare eggs before boiling by removing them from the refrigerator beforehand. It would be better to use a product that is approximately room temperature (18-20 degrees). If time is limited, you can speed up the “warming” process by keeping the eggs in warm, but not hot, water for a few minutes.

How many soft boiled eggs do you need to boil

To understand how much time you need to count on the timer for cooking, it is more convenient to count the time from boiling. After all, stoves can be different: someone uses gas, someone uses an electric stove, and someone’s burners are already quite weak. That is, for specifics, it is better to ask the question of how much to cook soft-boiled eggs after boiling water:

  • need 50% penetration, set a timer for 2 minutes from boiling;
  • for a denser protein, but 50% by density of the yolk – 3 minutes;
  • for a perfect, structured and ready-to-use protein and 20-25% liquid yolk we mark for 4 minutes.

It is important to note here that gas will cook the eggs faster (60% of the cooking time on the burner).

Egg boiling time: table


It is visually impossible to understand whether the eggs are boiled. In connection with this fact, it is customary to cook eggs only by time: if you want a liquid yolk, then it is worth noticing 4-4.5 minutes from the moment of boiling (depending on which electric stove the hostess is cooking on). A simple sign will tell you. It is useful to print it and leave it in a conspicuous place, especially if a child or a relative far from cooking often cooks eggs.

Cooking with gas

Cooking any kind of food on a gas stove is much faster than on an electric one. Soft-boiled eggs are no exception and the total amount of time should be reduced by 30 seconds. After boiling water, you need to cook no more than 2.5 minutes.

Cooking on an electric stove

Frying, boiling and baking eggs using the electric stove should be done according to standard times (see the table just above). You can boil ordinary eggs until cooked in 3 minutes, and quail eggs – in 1 after the water boils well. If you have doubts about your own skills, you can buy and use thermal stickers. This is a convenient and practical piece that will be a reliable assistant in the kitchen of an inexperienced cook.

Do you need to boil eggs in cold or hot water?

Eggs are an unpretentious product. It does not matter whether they are immersed in boiling water, or in cold water, the main thing is not to create a contrast “from the refrigerator to boiling water.” Also, it does not matter what kind of power the product is boiled on, the main thing is compliance with the cooking minutes with the degree of desired readiness.

How to boil eggs so they don’t crack or burst

Having figured out how much to cook the eggs after boiling, you need to learn how to avoid self-destruction of the dish during the cooking process. To prevent our future delicious testicles from cracking, you need to choose the right pan. If you need to boil 4 eggs, you need to take a small saucepan in which the product will boil evenly, do not float, do not hit the walls, and the bottom must be filled.

Before cooking, add 1-2 teaspoons of salt to the water. This little secret will reduce the risk of shell cracking. If the eggs do crack, then the salt water will not leak the protein.

Eggs can also burst due to temperature contrast. Having taken out a cold product from the refrigerator, you should not throw them into already hot water. A professional chef knows that when you cook eggs under the shell, an air bubble will form on top. Therefore, you can pierce the blunt end with something sharp and thin enough.

As for the microwave oven, you cannot cook eggs in the shell without a special egg cooker. They simply explode, and lunch turns into a half-hour washing the walls of the microwave oven from the remains of the dish. For the microwave, you can use the following options:

  1. in a bag (poached egg in a simplified version);
  2. baked egg (cook no more than 60 seconds, otherwise the cooking stages will end with an explosion of the yolk);
  3. boil using a microwave oven.

To prevent the egg from bursting in a special shape, pierce it from the side of the blunt end, as mentioned above, and reduce the power to medium.

How to boil eggs so the yolk is firm

To make the yolk hard, you need to cook eggs according to all the rules, but for a few minutes longer:

  1. 7 minutes – the yolk is semi-hard, loose;
  2. 8-9 minutes – hard yolk;
  3. 9-10 minutes – hard boiled egg.

Eggs can be thrown into both cold and hot water. It is important that there is no sharp contrast: soak them in warm water after the refrigerator if you plan to cook in boiling water.

All methods of boiling soft-boiled eggs

  1. For the first method, it is better to choose homemade eggs (completely fresh). Usually such a product is more expensive, but the benefits from it are many times greater than an egg from the factory. Do not forget to check the freshness by immersing raw testicles in cold water: they immediately sink to the bottom, which means the chicken carried them no more than 5-6 days ago. Rinse and place the eggs in a saucepan. Cooking in the first way involves cooking in cold water. The saucepan should be placed on a well-heated stove with maximum heat. How many minutes to cook eggs depends on the degree of curdling of the egg white or yolk (see the plate or picture just above. The rules remain unchanged: to get a soft-boiled dish, set the timer for 3.5-4 minutes.
  2. There is also a hot way of cooking: the ingredients are boiled in boiling water. Before lowering the eggs, add salt to the water. One or two teaspoons will be sufficient. If the egg decides to self-destruct in an explosion, the squirrel will not escape from captivity and curl up in boiling water. Rinse the eggs and place them in boiling salted water using a spoon. After a minute, the stove can be turned off, and after five, drain the boiling water and pour ice water. This is necessary in order for the dish to cool down faster and there are no problems with cleaning.
  3. Also, many people love and often practice an interesting way of cooking eggs without boiling. You need to wash the eggs by turning on the kettle before that. While the water is boiling (you need boiling water), the ingredient is placed in a saucepan or container. Then the eggs are poured with boiling water, and they must be completely under water. Place the lid on the container and wait 10 minutes. Then the water is poured out and replaced by a new portion of boiling water, we linger again, but for 3 minutes. Then the boiling water is replaced by ice water and the dish can be served to the table.
  4. If ordinary eggs have become boring for a long time, and it’s time to replenish the collection of food photos on Instagram, you can try soft-boiled eggs in a glass on a pillow of vegetables. The recipe is very simple to follow step by step. This is a kind of salad that looks neat, does not harm the figure and is simply delicious. Wash your eggs according to the number of servings of our vegetable pillows. We already know how long it takes to cook eggs, so we cook them until fully cooked. In the meantime, wash and cut into small cubes a cucumber, tomato, red and yellow peppers, avocado, a few olives, onions or green onions. We mix everything, season with vegetable oil and a drop of soy sauce. Arrange the vegetables in glasses, tamp them thoroughly and turn over on a flat plate to form a pyramid. Glasses should be taken not large, with a flat and wide bottom. Eggs should not lie in boiling water for a long time, they should be immediately peeled, placed on top of our pyramids and cut so that the yolk flows slightly. You can drip on top of the same sauce and decorate with herbs. An effective and tasty dish is ready! You will definitely surprise your soul mate and subscribers with such an extraordinary approach to a seemingly simple vegetable salad. If you use the advice “how many eggs you need to boil so that the yolk is hard” for boiling eggs, then the yolk can be removed, and the protein can be chopped and decorated with this sprinkling.
  5. How to cook a masterpiece of culinary art in the right diet: soft-boiled egg with tomato puree? By the way, this simple dish can be eaten with eggs, depending on who likes it. To easily peel tomatoes from the skin that many hate, make a cross-to-cross incision (slightly) across the place where the stalk was attached. Then we throw them into boiling water for just a couple of three seconds. You will see for yourself how the skin gathers in an accordion and leaves. Naked tomatoes are cut and stewed in oil for no more than 15 minutes. At the end, you need to turn off the heat, add non-fat sour cream (a spoon, maximum two) and in no case bring to a boil. Otherwise, the sour cream will curdle. While the vegetable is stewing, take care of the eggs: boil and peel them, then put them in a small form. Top – tomato puree. The dish is placed in a very hot oven for 2-3 minutes, where the cooking will end. It is better to serve it hot.

The methods for preparing egg dishes are almost limitless. Each recipe can be modified, adjusted for yourself, simplified, or, conversely, complicated. Now we can safely compete with the professionals of the art of cooking in the question of how and how long to cook soft-boiled eggs correctly, therefore, we go to the kitchen and consolidate the acquired skill with practice. Finally, we suggest trying a very cool, simple dish – a poached egg.

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