What is Direct Message Instagram and how to use it

Direct – what it is and how to use it is a question that users of the social network want an answer to. For many, it is not enough to view content in posts and stories. There is a need to communicate. Do business on the page. To do this, you need to find and access the direct. The article describes what this section is. How to use it correctly. What options are open to a person.

What is a direct on instagram?

This section is a special service. It functions inside the application. Designed solely for communication between account holders.

This is a useful feature. With its help, you can conduct correspondence. The section has simplified the purchase and sale of goods. The seller and the client can communicate on the page, discuss the details of the transaction.

What is it for?

The service has many options and features. The resource functions internally. Once a person signs up for an account, they have access to options such as:

  • Sharing private comments between colleagues and friends;
  • Sending photos and videos;
  • Forwarding records with other users;
  • Save selected information;
  • Organize conversations in a pre-selected group.

You need to login from a separate section. You can send messages here. The messenger works much faster than similar utilities for communication.

The product is easy to use. The person needs to go to their own account. Then go to the direct icon, which looks like a paper airplane. A special field for sending messages will open. Then you can conduct personal correspondence. Do business.

How to use the Instagram directive?

It’s worth understanding the rules for using this section. The scheme of action, how to enter the communication page and what to do next, depends on the gadget. First of all, you should check the charging level on your smartphone. Confirm access to a previously registered account. Next, you need to follow the scheme.

On phone

On phones, finding the dialog box you want is easy. The account owner will have to activate the button on the main page of the resource. After clicking on the airplane or the plus sign, the person automatically appears in the section for correspondence.

On Android

To communicate on the Samsung OS, the owner should follow these simple steps:

  1. The plus sign is activated on.
  2. A screen with a list of subscribers opens.
  3. Select the desired addressee from the list provided. You can find a person with whom you have already corresponded or find a new one through the search.
  4. A message or photo content is being typed and sent.

To write text, use a special string. After writing, click on the arrow. It will start sending information to the recipient.

For convenience, the resource brings the latest correspondence to the first place. You can arrange the order not by the date of sending. But by the number of likes and comments earned.

Smartphones of this brand have an option to notify about sent messages. It is accompanied by sound. If you don’t want to be constantly distracted, you can turn off the sound in the settings.

On iPhone

The scheme of action on an iPhone is no less clear. There is a search line at the top of the page. With its help, you can find the person you are looking for and send him a notification or photo. You do not need to enter the full name. But write the first two or three letters. Then the program will find the user on its own.

Once the addressee is determined, you can send him content. This should be done through the bottom field in the communication section. After sending, you need to activate the arrow that is present in the upper left corner. After that, the direct will automatically close.


Users often cannot find the directive on their PC. I can’t watch messages there. This is no coincidence. This option is not available in the standard browser version of the social network. If there is an urgent need to communicate via a computer, you will have to use third-party applications. The scheme of action in such a case is clear.

You need to download and run the software. Then you will need to register your own account in the program. Make full use of the built-in options. How to use apps correctly? Here are the top tips:

  • Registration should not be neglected. This will expand the functionality;
  • You don’t need to choose paid offers for communication;
  • It is necessary to download utilities exclusively from trusted sources;
  • Before downloading, it is important to check which OS the program is intended for;
  • Update is required periodically.

There are many options for writing messages. The user can operate through a personal page. It is allowed to conduct correspondence through the standard direct menu. The application contains icons adapted for the PC. They do not differ from the mobile version. It’s easy to figure out how to properly manage built-in options.

Where is the direct located on the computer?

It is important to understand what a direct is in instagram. It is impossible to find a section for conducting correspondence on a computer. We’ll have to download applications. To fully correspond with the computer, you need to carry out the following manipulations:

  1. Find and download the required emulator to your computer. Choosing an option is not difficult. The programs are similar in functionality.
  2. The application is installed on the computer.
  3. Find PlayMarket or GooglePlay in the window. The choice depends on the emulator.
  4. The mobile version of the social network is downloaded through the standard built-in installer.
  5. Login from a computer using a username and password.

After that, you can use the standard insta options. Explore publications, read posts, post stories, upload photos and chat. It is easy to understand how to use the listed functions. They are similar to the mobile version of Instagram.

Instagram Direct Features

Not so long ago, an insta was a service in which a person could upload photos. Relatively recently, the resource has become a full-fledged platform. You can do the following:

  1. Send videos and images to users.
  2. Go live. Broadcasts can be made at any time.
  3. Like posts next to posts.
  4. Group posts by special headings. It is allowed to do this using hashtags.
  5. Leave comments.
  6. Share your own opinion.
  7. Forward messages.

You cannot organize public reposts yet. We’ll have to use third-party services. You are only allowed to share content with one pre-selected person.

The built-in social media section is a great solution. You should download applications to your gadget. You can display content. Conduct personal, confidential correspondence with a friend.

How to sell in directive?

You can conduct full-fledged trading through the direct. After the appearance of such a section, the number of sales increased rapidly. It became possible to achieve this result due to the built-in mailing list. You can personally address each person. You don’t even need to be subscribed to the interlocutor here.

Using direct on Instagram, an entrepreneur can establish profitable contacts with a solvent audience. You can organize your Instagram mailing like this:

  1. Manually. Takes some time and requires mandatory user interaction.
  2. Automated. You will need to use special information software. Applications of this type are paid.

The second option is preferable. But it takes skill. Here it is worth looking after the limits. If the portal security service notices an increase in the number of actions required, it will block.

To avoid problems, keep track of the number of operations. Also important is the timing of their implementation. The longer the interval between sent messages, the better. A good time to send files is every 15 minutes. This information can be of different types. Available texts, photos or videos. Each option should be examined in detail.


This is an easy way to provide information. Users relate much easier to the standard types of information sent. There shouldn’t be any difficulties with shipping. You can add fun emoticons to your message to make your message readable.


Send a photo to a person like this:

  • In the chat window, click on the function with the picture;
  • A gallery will open on a smartphone;
  • One or two photos are selected;
  • Clicking submit.

You can show on your phone how the product looks. How the service is rendered. This has a positive effect on business.


Using video footage for a sale is just as good for doing business as working with images. In this case, you can send ready-made advertising videos to your interlocutors via direct or story.

It is possible to send videos filmed on request. If necessary, you can organize a direct video link with the user. It is allowed to use direct, as an alternative to skype. To make a video, you need to click on the camera. The icon should appear in the upper right corner.

Users can send links to other profiles or to third-party portals – sites, online stores via direct. To sell by sending a link, you need to visit the page. Then the Share button is pressed. In the proposed list, you need to select a person. If the person or profile you are looking for is not there, you should find it through the search.

Allows you to send links to external resources. To do this, you need to copy the address and paste it into the correspondence field in the insta. Links are clickable. A person will be able to immediately go from the section with messages to the resource of interest.

Why isn’t there a direct icon on instagram?

The section for communication is popular with users of the social network. But some cannot find the corresponding icon. There can be two reasons for not sending a message. The user has just downloaded the applications and does not know where the icon is. Outdated software is installed on the gadget.

Solving the first option is easy. To find the icon, you need to open the main page of the utility. Next, you should look at the top. There is an airplane icon here. It needs to be pressed. The user is automatically logged into the application.

If the specified label is not present and the section cannot be used, you can judge about various technological or functional problems. Possible failures to consider are:

  • No connection to traffic;
  • Updates from developers that caused the error;
  • The sender was blocked.

Most problems and bugs go away on their own. To do this, a standard reboot should be performed. This operation often does not give a positive result. If the rights have not been violated, then a technical failure has occurred. Write a message to support.

Summing it up

Direct is a functional addition to instagram. Every day the number of fans of this section is growing. This popularity is based on the ease of use of the direct. It is enough to go to the page, open the section where you can select a subscriber, write and send a private message or video in the directorate. The user can stay in touch 24 hours a day. If desired, he has the right to disable sound notifications.

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