Instagram dms (Direct Messages) not working: on the phone and computer

Why is there no direct in Instagram on the computer? Is a popular and growing social network from the creators of Facebook, which is already used by almost 700 million people around the world. She gained her popularity in 2014 and continues to develop to this day. The convenient format, interesting design and expanding functionality attract not only ordinary users, but also advertisers who are in a hurry to show their ads by paying good sums to bloggers and accounts with tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The wide functionality of the service allows:

  • Publish photos taken on a smartphone, edit them directly on Instagram (apply filters, change brightness and contrast, add text),
  • Make collections with photos, tag friends on them,
  • Upload short videos to main publications (up to 1 minute),
  • Shoot stories – photos and short videos that are available for viewing only 24 hours,
  • Create archives with publications – you can hide them in the archive instead of completely deleting them. It’s the same with stories – you can create a selection of the best and most relevant stories that you can watch at any time
  • Chat with subscribers and friends live directly from your smartphone. Filming yourself with the front camera and broadcast it live, read the chat.
  • Chat with subscribers, friends and colleagues in – a special function for correspondence. This makes Instagram a full-fledged messenger.

But all this functionality is tailored only for the use of the official mobile version, which is downloaded for free from and installed on a mobile device. But on a computer, the full-fledged Instagram format cannot be satisfied without third-party software and extensions. Including, there is no direct in the browser version on a personal computer.

Sometimes users encounter a problem that the directive doesn’t work. Let’s consider the reasons.

Instagram direct doesn’t work

With a heavy load on the social network, some buggies may appear, in which the functionality loses its usefulness, as a result, direct in instagram does not work. This is far from a common reason, let’s see why other functions may not be executed:

  • The version of the application does not match the version in which the messenger function appeared for the first time,
  • Using two accounts causes bugs (in some cases),
  • There is no more space on your smartphone.

Computer problems are different from smartphone problems.


Officially, there is no possibility on the computer (browser) version:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Upload, publish photos and videos, stories,
  • View archive.

Many people work around this limitation in the following ways:

  • Users download the official Instagram application from the store (for free) to their computer and install it on their computer (laptop). There is no app on versions lower than Windows 10.
  • Installing an Android emulator
  • Using extensions and third-party utilities
  • Using online services to expand functionality on Instagram.

If you don’t have direct on PC, use the methods above.

On phone

Common reasons why Instagram direct doesn’t work:

  • Updating the application and getting an unstable version. Reinstall it or rollback to stable,
  • Buggy devices – restart your smartphone.

Missing Instagram Direct

It disappears after updates that install an unstable version of the application. This is a rare but common case. Roll back to stable or reinstall instagram.

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