Does Apple Pay work without the Wi-Fi: do I need Internet to pay

Whether Apple Pay works without the Wi-Fi and Internet is a relevant question for owners of phones of the same name. The operations provide convenience to the user. They save his time. Users are interested in whether it is possible to pay for purchases without the Internet. The answer can be found in the article. Features of using the program are described here. The advantages that can be obtained after connecting it are given.

Do i need internet for Apple Pay?

To make a purchase, you need a Touch ID and a wireless element. The transfer of payment data through the network is carried out by the cash register itself. Communication is organized on the basis of contactless payment. Through built-in NFC close communication modules. For purchases, this is a great option.

Before using the software, it is important to check whether the smartphone in hand supports this option. IPhones 6, 7, SE, 8, XS, XR are considered compatible. At the same time, the payment system can be installed on Apple Watch.

On new phones, the payment option is present by default. The user will only have to download the application and enter the details of the payment instrument. As for banks, all modern financial institutions support this payment scheme.

Can i pay with Apple Pay offline?

Internet connection is not required to execute transactions in Apple Pay. You can pay through the terminal connection. Card information is not transmitted during the transaction.

During the transfer of funds, the program generates its own identification code. It is carefully encrypted and then stored on a personal gadget. Payment is made as follows:

  1. The Home button is pressed twice.
  2. A card is selected.
  3. The fingerprint is scanned on the screen.
  4. The gadget is brought to the terminal to pay.
  5. A PIN code is entered if the payment amount is greater than the specified minimum.

If the operation has been carried out correctly, the display will show a message confirming the operation.

When deciding to pay for purchases through this scheme, the user does not have to worry about personal data. The card number and code are not transferred to the terminal. A dynamic security code is sent instead of this information. If the gadget is stolen, the Find My iPhone option will quickly block the contactless option.

Today there is an alternative to NFC. It’s about Apple Watch technology. This service can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Shopping for groceries in supermarkets;
  • You can pay for travel;
  • Reading and software decoding of codes from electronic sites;
  • Transfer through modern payment schemes.

The only drawback of this option is the risk of transmitting viruses via NFC. But this problem will be quickly eliminated.

Summing up

So, does Apple Pay work offline? The presence of the Internet for conducting a financial transaction is not a prerequisite. Access to the network is required only at the time of adding the card. During this period, the bank needs to verify the details of the added payment product. After this manipulation, everything will work through special electromagnetic signals.

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