Format of Instagram Stories:for photos, pictures, covers, icons

The format of Instagram stories is important to know in order to download the file without further distortion. Unfortunately, today not everyone is interested in this, so then we have to come across stories where the edges are cut off. It doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, sometimes even incomprehensible. And often the meaning of the visual content that was directed to the audience is also lost. In this article, we will understand what are the acceptable photo and video sizes for Instagram, and which format is better to choose.

Instagram Stories size in pixels

Stories are the go-to tool for engaging with audiences in 2020. It is one of the most popular in the world and is gaining momentum every day. Its peculiarity is that the material is published for only a day, and after 24 hours it disappears. Mainly vertical photography is supported there. It is important to maintain the basic image aspect ratio for stories, which is 9:16.

The aspect ratio of the image is as follows:

  • 900 pixels x 1600 pixels;
  • 720 px x 1280 px;
  • the minimum size allowed is 600px x 1067px

If you violate these indicators, the system will automatically crop the picture. At the same time, there is no special algorithm that would determine the areas that are allowed or not allowed to be cut by the criterion of consistency. Therefore, it happens that half of the head or part of the text is cut off in the pictures. This is why it is important to focus on these requirements.

Photo and picture size for stories

The maximum size of a photo or picture that the system will pass for publication is 30 MB. However, only the .jpg or .png format is supported. To delight your subscribers with an attractive, high-quality and professional image, immediately make them vertical. This will facilitate the further processing of content.

Why it’s important to consider the format and size of Instagram stories:

  • it makes your content visually correct and professional;
  • the meaning is not lost;
  • is especially important for bloggers who actively engage new audiences through content.

Story video size

Another valid file is videos. You can create them both directly on Instagram and on your phone, and then upload them. Here, too, there is a clear framework that cannot be exceeded. If you shot with other devices, then the acceptable format is .mp4 or .mov. The maximum size is up to four gigabytes. If you do not fit for some parameters, then use video editors that will correct the indicators. For example, Meitu. This is a handy mobile application that is suitable for both Android and iOS owners. Simple functionality and user-friendly interface allows you to quickly find and apply the necessary tools. The saved component “weighs” significantly less than its original. This can be achieved by squeezing into certain frames.

Cover size for actual stories

For the current cover, the photo size for Instagram Stories is suitable – the proportion is 9:16 and the weight is up to 30 MB. .Jpg or .png files are also fine here. They can be uploaded either directly to the “Actual” section, or by an alternative method – first in the “stories”, then add them to the popular section, and set them as the main illustration of the album.

Some more tips for publishing content:

  • choose clear images that are free of haze and excessive pixelation (unless this is the author’s idea);
  • check materials for correlation with social network policy – do not post prohibited materials;
  • make more unique images, because they are highly appreciated by the audience (as opposed to plagiarism or pictures of cats from the Internet).

It is better to download voluminous videos connected to a wi-fi access point, since then the process will be fast.

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