Preferences of Germans when choosing a place to stay

According to statistics, over 23 percent of Germans prefer to spend their holidays … in their native Germany! However, they can be understood. The Germans have seas with beaches: the East Sea, which we actually call the Baltic Sea, and the North Sea. In summer, both are good for swimming.

In southern Germany, they rest on Lake Constance. No less popular are the German mountains in the Bavarian Alps or in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), where you can go skiing. Well, urban tourism is not an option? There are many good resorts in Germany. The word Kurort, by the way, is German.

The item of expenditure called “vacation” for the average burgher takes an honorable third place after housing and food. Fortunately, the choice of hotels, hotels, boarding houses and other offers of temporary accommodation for travelers is huge. Germany, rich in natural landscapes, offers vacationers the sea, mountains and even a peasant farm.

Rest at the Peasant’s Yard in Germany

Bauernhof – peasant estate, courtyard – a kind of vacation in a German countryside. In urbanized Germany, rural life is a novelty for urban burghers.

There is nothing more calm and pacifying than a vacation spent at a peasant courtyard. Parents with young children are in a hurry to live away from stress and bustle and breathe fresh air, not flavored with exhaust gases. Exotics for city dwellers are rife. If you wish, you can:

  • milk a cow yourself,
  • feed goats and horses,
  • ride a tractor,
  • Collect fresh eggs from the chicken coop to prepare for breakfast right away!

It can be more interesting than the standard “All-you-can-eat” in a foreign hotel.

For younger guests of the farm, the experience of country life is enlightening and memorable. Here, the kids get up early, and parents do not scold for this. Growing up in city apartments, simple country life seems like an adventure. Questions arise immediately. Where does the milk that children add to muesli come from in the morning? How does fresh milk taste like? How do you get soft and warm wool from a curly lamb? How fast is the tractor? If the little guests are lucky, they can watch the birth of a calf. In the evenings, the children gather to listen to interesting stories from the owner of the farm or his wife.

Adults also rest and relax on a peasant farm. All the conditions are present at the courtyard. There are comfortable hammocks, sun loungers and armchairs on the lawn for guests. For the little ones there are cars, bicycles, a sandpit and a trampoline.

Despite the rustic noise – grunting, humming or bleating – vacationers do not sacrifice comfort. Rooms and suites are equipped with modern standard amenities: spacious bathroom, TV, kitchen with dishwasher and microwave. Breakfast is served with fresh bread rolls from a nearby bakery.

In Germany, 450 farms are ready for recreation. Bauernhöfe offer farm holidays with different slopes. For example, horseback riding, dairy farms or backyards with only chickens and ducks. When choosing a bauernhof on the Internet, the signs that mark the direction or setting are important. If the bauernhof has been awarded the title “familienfreudlich” – friendly, family-friendly – then the following conditions are met:

  • The courtyard is located far from the roadway and potential hazards for children and babies are eliminated.
  • All facilities for families with children, including a cot, a feeding chair, a changing table, a bottle warmer, a potty and a baby bath.
  • Children’s playground for children 0-12 years old.
  • Possibility to prepare baby food at any time.
  • You can pet small animals on the farm: cats, dogs, donkeys and, if desired, take care of the animals.
  • Playroom with toys, board games.
  • Children’s books.
  • Washing, drying and ironing are available.

Where do Germans rest abroad

And when you want something foreign, you can fly to the most popular non-German resort among Germans – Mallorca. Eight percent of Germans prefer this island. Hotel staff and merchants speak German, German beer is served for dinner , and German buns are baked in the morning. There are also German restaurants and even Bavarian pubs. The only question is: why fly somewhere to find yourself in Germany again?

Seven percent of Germans go on holidays in Italy. There, Germans are attracted by delicious food, beautiful beaches and historical sites. Usually they go directly by car, crossing the Alps. The whole family of burghers gets into the family car – and let’s go! From the south of Germany to Italy 7-8 hours. Considering that some Germans get cars from the company at work and do not pay for gasoline, this is a rather cheap option for recreation. For those who are too lazy to drive for a long time, but still do not want to part with a car during their vacation, there is a special offer from Deutsche Bahn: you can buy a train ticket for a car . It costs about 150 €, but you don’t have to drive yourself.

Many Germans spend their holidays in Hungary, the Czech Republic or Austria. Some fly to Scandinavian countries. 3% visit neighboring France. The same number fly to another continent, to the USA or Canada. Greece and Croatia are not alien to the Germans. In Asia, the Germans are attracted by Thailand. Usually these are, of course, elderly and single men. The same contingent chooses Ukraine or the Baltics as their vacation. Many Germans used to visit Turkey, but since the beginning of the period of instability in this country, the flow began to subside.

How Germans plan their vacation

Germans plan their vacation in advance, six months in advance or even more. In Germany, children cannot be skipped from school due to parental leave. If this happens, a decent fine follows. Even for a couple of days on vacation without the permission of the school director, you cannot stay. Therefore, German travel agencies raise prices for vouchers during school holidays. All the same, they will buy up. And they are snapping up. Closer to the long summer holidays, it is already very difficult to find vouchers that are good from the point of view of the Germans. We have to be content with Africa or the same Turkey.

Germans book tickets and hotels mainly via the Internet. There you can read reviews about a particular hotel of previous visitors. Yes, the Germans love sharing their impressions of their trips. The worst response from a German is: “Too many Russians!” So the dislike of Russian and German tourists is quite mutual. Too much, apparently, a big difference in mentality.

While on vacation in Germany, it’s a good idea to decide what to do with your mail. It is not pleasant to find correspondence spoiled by rain after returning from vacation. If you have reliable friends or neighbors, you can give them the key to the mailbox. Another way is to use the postal service to suspend mail delivery. This service allows you to specify the dates of absence during the vacation. The mail remains at the local branch and is delivered upon arrival. The service costs 15 € per month.

How Germans Get to Rest

To distant countries, it is clear that by plane, there are no other options.

Germany’s central European position offers many choices about how to get to your vacation destination. Neighboring European countries can be reached by car, and by train, and by cheap airlines. As a family, we went on vacation to the Czech Republic, to Slovakia – a day on the road and on the spot. If we take into account the way to the airport, check-in, waiting for boarding, flight, baggage claim, the way to the hotel, then the time costs are the same within a radius of up to 1000 kilometers.

The most chic among young people is a wandering vacation. This is when you reach Milan, you rent a car-camping and on it, with stops in interesting places, you go somewhere to Barcelona. Fortunately, the European Union with open borders allows you to move from country to country without any problems.

Another way to visit many places in a short time is huge hotel ships. At night, they move along the sea or rivers and by morning they anchor in a resort place. Tourists spend the day walking, and in the evening they go swimming again.

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