Google Pay vs Android Pay: pros and cons

Google pay or android pay. Companies producing electronics, gadgets and software are actively developing and competing with each other. Some, however, produce superior products and programs, and some are only trying to catch up with their competitors, which have succeeded in the market more.

Google, an electronics and information technology giant, is trying to cut off the path of its closest competitors.

They really create quality software and they try to show their popular name everywhere. This is done primarily to ensure that users primarily associate the product with Google, and not with others, even smartphone manufacturers. They are even trying to block Android.

In 2018, the company announced that all software products would be merged under a common company name. This update primarily affected the popular store for smartphones – Google Play Market. It allows you to download and install free and popular applications (for example, social networks Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber messengers, news applications), various free games with supported paid content (to turn off ads and enable additional gaming functions), paid books (there are often discounts) and other useful applications for your gadget. There was an upgrade and the merger of two payment services into one, and from that day the beginning of the merger of two services – Google Pay and Android Pay was laid.

Now it is clear that after the start of the merger of the two payment services was laid, it became one. But today we will try to recall the old days and compare the two payment instruments, and whether the union really went good. Owners can now enjoy the updated version. What is the difference from the old version?

Android pay or google pay: which is better?

It’s time to sort out the differences and find out which is better: google pay or android pay. This utility is used to make contactless payments in stores and online payments in online stores. It is very convenient and you do not need to carry a card with you, you just need to link the account to the application and make purchases and payments. Now it is easy to pay for purchases without even entering a pin code (of course, if the purchase amount is up to 1000 rubles). To use Google Pay, your smartphone must have a wireless communication module for contactless payment – NFC. It is now equipped with many smartphones of the modern generation. The module even allows you to open the doorphone lock without any keys, but using only an electronic key emulator. To do this, you will be helped by a special emulator program – for example, NFS Tool Pro.

Looking at the updated merged version at first glance, we can say that the application is a redesign of the old Android Pay. However, here we must pay tribute to the designers and decorators, now the appearance has become more attractive in the spirit of those software products that Google produces.

The most important change and also a plus for many – the main page of the application displays a list of stores that the corporation cooperates with and accepts Google Pay payments.

New shops have also been added. By the way, there is Samsung Pay for gadgets from Samsung. However, many still prefer the service from Google.

Benefits of google pay

Before uniting, there were two independent programs:

  • Google wallet
  • Android Pay.

Let’s highlight the following advantages of the service:

  • Availability in almost all shops with payment terminals. Pay attention to the terminal where you pay with bank cards. In most cases, in addition to card icons (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard), there is a Google or Apple Pay icon.
  • Security of payments and reliable protection of personal data. There are no electronic systems in the world that would provide 100% security. However, the payment system from Google in 2018 was recognized as the most reliable payment system in the world. Confidentiality when paying in a store or online store is completely preserved, and the seller does not know your personal data in any way. Reliable algorithms allow this system to work safely around the world.
  • It is possible to connect several bank cards in one application, which increases convenience. If one card runs out of money, then it is easy to switch to another, than to transfer money from card to card once again. In addition, losing a wallet with all the cards is very unpleasant and nervous. Therefore, with goole pay, now you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Any device on the android operating system supports the utility.
  • This saves time when shopping and making payments, there is no need to enter the PIN code again, transfer money to the card or take it out of the wallet, because the smartphone is always at hand.

Disadvantages of google pay

Like any service of this kind, this payment instrument has a number of disadvantages:

  • Works only on smartphones equipped with an NFC module,
  • Android version not lower than 4.4,
  • Lots of shops on the list that disturb some
  • To do this, you need a smartphone for the Android operating system, a simple phone or iPhone will not work.
  • Not every store is equipped with a special payment terminal. Unfortunately, this is typical for Russia, where cash payment is still available in some stores or there are outdated terminals that do not even accept contactless cards.
  • It is possible that the smartphone will quickly run out, which is typical for most new generation gadgets. With active use, they cannot hold a charge for days. And at a crucial moment before paying, the battery sometimes runs out. Therefore, always check the charge and do not go shopping with a nearly discharged battery.

Benefits of android pay

However, all the advantages described above will work for the predecessor too. But there are additional disadvantages.

Disadvantages of android pay

A small number of online stores are collaborating with the service compared to Google Pay.

Few stores are equipped with payment terminals for Android Pay.

We compared android pay or google pay, and now all the advantages of the first over the second are immediately visible. Therefore, the upgrade was beneficial and increased convenience.

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