Hanseatic Bank Genialcard

The Genialcard from the Hanseatic Bank is one of our two test winners in the Credit Cards category. Pay and withdraw cash worldwide free of charge: The Genialcard impresses us with its first-class conditions.

And in contrast to other credit cards, this test winner enables you to automatically debit the invoice amount in order to protect you from unnecessary interest costs. 

info Genialcard
Credit card type Charge card
Credit card system Visa
annual fee
Contactless payment
Partial payment
Credit – Annual Percentage Rate 13.60% pa
Card validity 4 years
Connection to an account
Annual price for model cases
Standard user 0.00 euros
Trip abroad single 0.00 euros
Family trip abroad 0.00 euros
Costs for cash withdrawals from ATMs in Germany
of the amount 0.00 percent
Reserve price 0.00 euros
Costs for cash withdrawals from ATMs abroad
of the amount 0.00 percent
Reserve price 0.00 euros
additionally in foreign currencies 0.00 percent
Cash withdrawal limit
per day 500 euro
website hanseaticbank.de

Hanseaticbank Genialcard in detail

The Genialcard from Hanseatic Bank impresses with its unique conditions: no annual fees, no withdrawal fees, no foreign currency fees, no minimum withdrawal amount. And a borrowing rate that is impressive.

But be careful: Although the Hanseatic Bank does not charge you any fees for cash withdrawals worldwide, the respective machine operators can reimburse a fee for the withdrawal.

This happens independently of the Hanseatic Bank, which does not reimburse you for the respective fees.

Low APR for overdraft

The Genialcard is a credit card. This means that at the end of the month you can either repay the entire invoice amount in one fell swoop, or only reimburse a minimum amount and then pay the outstanding invoice in several installments.

You have to keep in mind that there is an effective annual interest rate of 13.6 percent on the outstanding invoice amount. Compared to other banks, this APR is still low, but we always advise you to avoid these interest costs and pay the bill directly at the end of the month.

Another advantage of the Genialcard is the automatic debiting of the invoice amount at the end of the month. This function can be initiated via the app, in online banking or by customer service.

This way you can ensure that bills are paid off in full at the end of the month and that you go out interest free. Of course, this only applies if you have sufficient funds in your reference account. 

Contactless payment via the NFC function is also possible with the Genialcard, but you can turn off this function via the app.

Conclusion: Genialcard does well in comparison

Pay and withdraw cash worldwide free of charge – and all without an annual fee? No problem with the Genialcard from Hanseatic Bank.

If you are looking for a credit card without a lot of frills, but with top conditions, the Genialcard is just right for you.

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