Support for single parents in Germany

In Germany, 2 million children live in single-parent families. 90% of them are with their mothers. There are many foreigners among the singles. State aid to migrants is no different from aid to Germans, provided that the foreigner lives with a legal residence permit.

Raising children on your own is not easy. It is difficult to work at the same time, look after the child and manage the household. If the age of the child does not allow going to kindergarten or school, there is no question of serious work. As a result, single parents experience financial problems.

The article will tell you who will help in such a situation, and what German benefits and other additional sources of income exist.

Single parent allowances in Germany

Every parent in Germany receives a Kindergeld child allowance in the amount of:

  • 204 € for the first two children,
  • the third is paid 210 €,
  • and the fourth – 235 €.

The money is issued to the person with whom the child actually lives. In the case of a single person, there are no options, only the father or mother receives money.

Just like all other parents, single parents receive a German childcare allowance for the first 14 months after giving birth. The amount of payments is calculated according to a certain formula depending on the recipient’s annual income. Minimum – 300 € for those who did not work before the birth of the child or earned less than 450 €.

Unemployed people in Germany who are registered at the labor exchange receive unemployment benefits. For 2018, the cash support is 416 €. Unemployed individuals are also paid benefits. In the case of unemployed parents, … children also receive a separate benefit! Up to 6 years old small burghers receive support for 240 € per month, between 6 and 13 – 296 €, and from 14 to 17 – 316 €. Thus, if you can’t work, you can “sit” on unemployment benefits. Health insurance, social housing, pension contributions and helplessness insurance are covered by the government.

Unemployed single parents raising children are entitled to an additional monthly assistance of 12% of the unemployment benefit.

Help type Amount
Kindergeld 204
Elterngeld 300
Hartz IV per adult + 12% 466
Hartz IV per child 240
Total 1210

Help for working parents

Workers are not forgotten either.

If there is an opportunity to earn extra money, but it is not possible to look after the child at the same time, German mothers hire a nanny in a special social service. Part of the cost of care is returned back. The amount of compensation depends on the salary. For support, residents of Germany contact the Jugendamt, the office for children and youth affairs. In addition, kindergarten childcare or Au-Pair expenses of up to € 4,000 per year are deducted from the tax base if there are corresponding invoices and receipts.

According to the second tax class , a working single parent in Germany is entitled to a tax-free amount of € 1908 per annum, in addition to the € 9000 which is due to every German resident.

Do not forget that the father who has left the family is obliged to pay child support. If for some reason support is not provided, for example, one of the parents is “lost”, Jugendamt comes into play again. The agency pays 154 € – 273 € depending on the age of the child. The state charges the person who escaped from the performance of parental duties. If the second half is found, they will try to reimburse the costs.

Age Euro
until 6 154
6-12 205
12-18 273

If the parent works and rents an apartment, if the income is low, you can get help with paying for housing . The amount depends on income and on the amount of rent. It is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements for the apartment.

When it is not possible to receive benefits or other types of assistance in a volume sufficient for a normal life, single parents in Germany turn to German charitable foundations. Helping organizations can be found on the Internet at the request of Stiftung Alleinerziehende with the addition of the name of the land, because many of the funds operate only in certain regions.

You can find a lot of useful information in German on the website of the Association of Single Parents in Germany.

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