How do i set up Apple Pay?

How to set up Apple Pay is a question that interests iPhone and Apple Watch users. Apple Pay is used to pay for purchases from a mobile phone. The system significantly increases the speed of payment, while ensuring the confidentiality of information.

How to set up Apple Pay: basic guidelines

First, you need to make sure that a specific bank card can be connected to Apple Pay. Then you need to:

  1. Download and install the application. Depending on the internet speed and device processor, the download takes up to 20 minutes.
  2. On devices that support Apple Pay, the developers have Wallet installed. You need to find the application and go into it.
  3. Launch Wallet and go to the payments section.
  4. Add a payment card by pressing the corresponding button in the menu.
  5. The system will ask you to enter the Apple ID and password from the system.
  6. Then you need to enter data from the card: select the type – debit or credit, indicate the number. You can do this manually or simply send the snapshot for review.
  7. Enter the name and surname of the holder, duration of validity, CVV.

When the user finishes entering information, the system will offer to read and accept the terms of use from the bank and the payment system. Then you need to specify the phone number and request an SMS to confirm the attachment of the card. Enter the received code and check if Apple Pay works when paying for an item. Up to 10 bank cards are added in this way.

How to set up Apple Pay on iPhone

Setting up Apple Pay on iPhone completely repeats the instructions presented. If you have added several bank cards, you can select the main one. To use it for payment, you need to hold down Touch ID and tap on the top of the device while holding the latter next to the payment terminal. Wait until the end of payment appears on the screen.

To pay for purchases with cards, press the side button several times and go through the confirmation method specified during setup. Pinch the top of the screen while holding the iPhone 10 centimeters or less away from the pickup terminal. Wait for an inscription on the completion of the payment.

How to set up Apple Pay on your watch

Apple Watch can be used to pay contactlessly for purchases.

But for this you need to secure the device: set a 4-digit password in the device settings. You need an iPhone to set up the app. To set up Apple Pay on your watch, do the following:

  1. Use the iPhone system settings to pair your smartphone with your watch. This requires the Watch app from the App Store.
  2. Return to the main Watch menu.
  3. Find the item related to payments. In most cases, it is called Wallet Apple Pay.
  4. The menu that opens contains the cards attached to the smartphone. To pay for purchases with hours, add a new card. Follow the instructions on the screen. Basically, this is just a simple card attachment.
  5. Accept the user agreement.
  6. By adding a new card to the phone, the application will also distribute the received information to the paired watch. The process takes up to 10 minutes.
  7. If the data is entered correctly, the system will prompt the user to enter a phone number. A message with an operation confirmation code will be sent to it.
  8. Enter the received code in the field, making sure that the information provided is correct.
  9. Read the notice of attaching a new card and read the payment instructions. Repeat the steps on the watch.

After adding a card to a smart watch, check the functionality of contactless payment on the latter. To add a spare bank card, repeat the steps above, or simply follow the instructions in the Wallet app. To distribute cards from the phone to watch, you will have to remove and re-add them.

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