How works Google Pay?

How Android Pay works is a question of interest to bank cardholders. Some users may be able to pay for purchases, but not understand how it works. Others, on the other hand, first want to know how the system works.

How Android Pay works

For contactless payment, the device must meet the following conditions:

  1. The smartphone must have an NFC chip installed.
  2. Near Field Communication is activated in the device settings.
  3. The phone does not have root installed and the boot loader is locked. You can check the status of the latter in the additional system settings located in the device information.

Many people think that NFC does not work on Android 4.3 and below. This is not the case: although there is no built-in module, it can be installed. For this, special SIM cards or antennas are used. You don’t need to configure them, just insert them and start using them.


If the device meets the specified conditions, it is enough to install and configure the contactless payment application. First go to the Google Play Market:

  • Search the Google Pay app store
  • download the program to your phone.

Be careful not to run into a fake. Unscrupulous developers want to cash in on users and put Google Pay analogues on the network in order to steal cardholder data. The developer of the official program is Google Incorporated.

In order to protect the user, the smartphone companies provide the latest Google Pay by installing the application at the factory.


After finishing the installation, you need to configure the program – attach a bank card for payment. For this:

  1. Go to the program.
  2. Click on the plus at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the type of card – bank, club or bonus.
  4. The system will check if the lock screen is set. If not, you need to set a PIN, pattern password, or fingerprint. On modern devices, you can also use the face recognition system.
  5. After completing the security check, the application will ask for the card details: first and last name, number, duration and CVV.
  6. An SMS will be sent from the bank, which is needed to confirm the owner. If the mobile bank is not linked, you will first have to specify the phone number.

After entering the code from SMS, the application will ask you to give it access to some functions of the phone. Agree and get started using Google Pay.

How Google Pay works

The application is based on Near Field Communication technology. NFC modules are installed in the transmitter and receiver. The phone is brought to the terminal a short distance. At a certain frequency, a signal is transmitted to transfer funds from one account to another.

To pay, it is enough to unlock the smartphone and bring it to the display of the receiver. The phone must be parallel to the reader. Wait up to 10 seconds until a message about the successful transfer of funds appears on the smartphone screen. Sometimes you hear a beep as if you were receiving a notification.

If more than one card is added to Google Pay, the system will charge the first one added. The priority can be changed by setting the base card. This can be done in the application settings.

Google Pay is used to pay for goods and services if the terminal supports NFC. Contactless payment is used in shops, entertainment establishments, taxis, online services. For the latter, you must select the appropriate payment method.

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