How to add geolocation to Instagram in 2020 via phone

How to add geolocation to Instagram? The current material is mainly devoted to the placement of photographs with attaching a self-created label to them. However, no one forbids putting previously registered coordinates during post creation. Consider the instructions that will help to navigate the novice users of the social network:

  • start the posting frame and specify a picture;
  • tap “Add place”;
  • type the coordinates in the field of the position selection window;
  • select a line from the dropdown list of locations;
  • tap the Share button.

The position is now added to the post; a similar algorithm of actions is valid for Stories and the introduction of geolocation after posting.

How to add a location on Instagram from a phone that does not exist

To use your point, photo hosting resources are not enough. You must have a linked Facebook profile – a place is created there, which is then used by Instagrammers.

Do the following steps in messengers:

  • run the FB application and tap the Where are you at the top of the screen;
  • enter the position name and tap the add command;

Please type carefully, because once you add a geolocation, you cannot edit the name on Instagram.

  • put a geodata category;
  • then there are two options for manipulations – search by settlements (top of the frame) or activation of an item with an airplane icon;
  • post a photo to identify the area to be registered;
  • detail the label by typing a specific address;
  • tap “Create”;
  • publish your post on Facebook by attaching the dot you made;
  • go to Instagram and load the post;
  • in the edit step, click “Pick a Location” and choose your own label;
  • add an image that now contains the name of the created position!

On iPhone

But these instructions will not work if the user forgot to activate geolocation on the phone. The sequence of actions differs based on the mobile OS used. Now let’s give a “cheat sheet” for devices running iOS:

  • open iPhone settings;
  • tap the Privacy command;
  • click on Geolocation Services;
  • set coordinate detection for all programs and separately for the two clients in question.

On Android

Before adding your geolocation to Instagram on Google Phone, also take care of activating GPS:

  • run device configuration;
  • scroll down to the “Privacy” group of settings;
  • tap the “Location” button, which gives access to the coordinates management of all software;
  • specify the active position of the top radio button;
  • click Mode and choose your preferred tracking format to improve signal fidelity.

Allowing deployment monitoring with separate installed utilities:

  • tap the name of the messenger in the list;
  • check the box “Permissions”;
  • move the slider to the right.

How to add your own geolocation on Instagram:basic ways

The indicated scheme for adding a point is suitable for devices on both OS – Android and iPhone. The common point that unites the two methods is to link the photo hosting account to Facebook. Without the latter, you cannot insert your position on the map – you just have to use the previously created geotags.

The same instructions apply when placing a location in the account header. Those. first of all, a tag is registered on Facebook, then it is noted in the Insta profile. We’ll talk about how to add geolocation to Instagram in the next subheading.

How to add Instagram geolocation to your profile description

So, the last algorithm describes the placement of the new geotag in the header of the page. Relevant for owners of commercial accounts working to attract customers.

  • tap the word “Edit Profile” next to ava;
  • click the line “Communication methods”;
  • select “Company Address”;
  • enter information in the “Exact address” field, choosing a place from the list of registered positions;
  • check the save command.

The new URL is now visible in the header of the social network account.

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