How to add hashtags on Instagram to photos and after publication

How to add hashtags on Instagram is a question, the answer to which is considered a useful option for insta users. She assists in the process of promoting a social network profile. The article presents data on what these words and phrases are, how to install them correctly in a mobile application.

How do I add hashtags on Instagram?

Before describing the main ways of placing such labels, it is worth considering what they are. Icon words are tags for a pre-selected post or photo. By a word, users of the photo network can quickly find the content they need.

These are common keywords that are written to make it easier to find the information you want. Only registered page owners see them. If you put down the tags correctly, you can be sure that the popularity of the profile will grow rapidly, the traffic on the pages will be higher.

After posting

An option for placing such a mark is the place immediately after the established post. The process of how to add hashtags to a photo on Instagram is carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. The application is launched through the corresponding shortcut on the device.
  2. The button with the plus sign is pressed.
  3. The required publication is selected and clicked Next.
  4. If no more editing is required, click Next again.
  5. Key words are entered on the first line. In this case, do not forget to put down the “#” symbol. Use commas and spaces between them.
  6. The Share option is clicked.
  7. The post will appear in the feed.

This is a straightforward method for captioning an image. It will raise the profile’s popularity.

In history

To get results from writing keys, you should put them not only under publications, but in stories. This is easy to do. You need to select and activate the appropriate option in the menu of this section. When carrying out this operation, it is important to follow the rules:

  1. For a word to become a thematic hashtag, you need to add the corresponding icon.
  2. Similar tags can be set on descriptions written in Latin, English and Cyrillic.
  3. If you use more than one word, but two or more, separate them with “_”.
  4. Emoji and numbers are allowed in the tagging process.
  5. When composing a key, it is forbidden to write veiled or direct swear words or offensive concepts.
  6. The order of capitalization and capitalization is not important.

These rules must be followed not only when writing a mark in a story, but after publication.

How to add hashtags on Instagram under the photo?

It is easy to increase the attractiveness and popularity of a post on Instagram with additional captions. They can be used by social network users. It can be a person, a media personality, an entrepreneur. Such phrases should be put down according to the scheme. It is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • Photo network resource is opening;
  • Authorizing on the page;
  • Photo editing in progress;
  • The “#” sign is written after the standard description;
  • A capacious and bright word is immediately written that corresponds to the subject of the picture.

There can be several such words. There will be no difficulties with writing. The social network has a standard text memorization function. This makes it easier to insert a hashtag in a story.

It takes some time to find the right topic word. When implementing this process, it is important to rely on the picture itself, as well as on words that are close to the topic. Don’t forget about post-post time stamps. These are words that correspond to dates. This includes elections, holidays and other popular events. You can use personal words that are meaningful to the owner of the profile in a dosage.

Summing it up

There is nothing difficult in putting down suitable hashtags. The main thing is to put a special icon, to take into account the semantic load in the Instagram profile. It is important not only to pay attention to the attractiveness of words, but also to the quality of the content under the photo that you plan to add. Creating interesting content and catchy keywords is a guarantee in the process of promoting your profile.

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