How to add someone else’s story to your Instagram

How to add someone else’s story to your Instagram story is a question that makes it possible to quickly share a video in a feed or in a section with stories. The operation became available after the rapid development of the social network. A person has the right to take the content he likes and repost it. The article presents the main methods. If you follow them, you can automatically post content on your site, share it with other users.

How to add someone else’s story to Instagram:all the ways

When using techniques in which the user mentions other people, an automatic notification is generated. There is a button above it that opens the possibility to add a video to your feed.

Properly executed options will cause the author’s content to appear on the display. You can carry out various manipulations with it. By making content your own, you can change the size, add stickers. It is important to follow this sequence:

  • Tag by author;
  • Pressing option with appended;
  • Choose the right content.

After reposting, the author’s name is reflected in a special icon. By clicking on it, users will go to the video or photo of the person who posted the content. For the operation to take place, you need to ensure that the person’s profile is open. Otherwise, the goal will not be achieved.

Can I save someone else’s story on Instagram?

The answer to this question is yes. To perform such an operation, there is no need to leave the social network. When deciding how to add someone else’s story to your Instagram, it is enough to carry out the following activities:

  1. Switch to social network with video.
  2. The one you like is selected.
  3. The plane that is located at the bottom of the picture is being pressed.
  4. The app will offer to share and add.

After the operations, the video will appear in your account. It will be in a special, different frame from its own content.

How do I post someone else’s story on my Instagram?

If the page owner has no option, it’s worth trying a video with the mentioned user. You should act like this:

  • A friend is filming a video;
  • Tag the author with a previously set nickname;
  • The program sends a notification that a person has been marked;
  • The recipient activates reading the content;
  • The video appears in the profile.

If the operation is not in the utility being used, you need to update. If it is not available, you will have to use third-party utilities.

How to save someone else’s story on Instagram to yourself?

There are many special applications out there for reposting. The essence of the work is based on preservation. You cannot shoot video and share content directly. Here are the popular options for phones running on Android OS and for iPhones:

  • You can use it immediately after authorization. The person touches the content and saves. After that, you can copy the story and repost;
  • RepostStory for. You can anonymously study videos, choose subscribers, repost your story;
  • Repost and Save. Permission is granted to study publications and share them with friends and acquaintances;
  • Repost informational posts that were previously sent to direct. The main advantage is considered to be the ability to support two or three pages. Typically, these are profiles that were found by name to page owners.

The listed utilities differ in their clear software. They have one function – video and photo transfer. It is easy to achieve the desired result. You need to authorize, activate the arrow and click on consent. Images are allowed to be placed and signed. The Standard Package is free. You will have to pay for additional features.

When studying the question of how to save someone else’s story on Instagram and then upload a video, it is worth noting that it is important to follow a clear sequence of actions. Be sure to select the section with the settings, click the appropriate functions. As soon as the options become white, the ban on the distribution of the publication will be activated. It cannot be recorded on Instagram.

Another important rule is the use of the new version of the social network. You can find and download it in your standard application store. The option appears after the update.

Summing it up

Sharing posts with each other on instagram means being able to publish other people’s posts to accounts. In this case, it is necessary to place a link of the copyright holder to stories. This is a direct observance of the legislation of the instance related to user rights. The social network itself does not have a direct option to publish and send the story, but you can always use third-party applications.

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