How to close DM on Instagram

How to close direct message on Instagram is a question that requires an answer from the account owners of this. The resource offers options designed to protect you from communication with unpleasant or strangers. This article provides an answer to this common question. After reading it, you will learn how to close the direct. How to prevent one person or a group of people from writing.

How to close posts in direct on Instagram?

It is worth paying attention to the features and benefits of this functionality. In fact, this is a special messenger. A person can communicate with loved ones. Perform manipulations:

  1. Send private messages.
  2. Send photo content.
  3. Create group chats.

You do not need to completely discard this useful option. You can restrict access to it. Some simple manipulations should be done.

To prevent strangers from writing

This is fine for an organized group chat. The administrator can independently decide which user to add. A group is formed. Strangers will not be able to write messages. Read texts in and view correspondence.

If users violate the established rules, they can be removed. Sometimes there is a desire to prohibit viewing content. Standard blocking can be done.

From unwanted followers

If you don’t want to close the section, you can block unnecessary users. You need to make such simple manipulations:

  1. The complain option is activated.
  2. The item that reflects the problem is selected.
  3. A stranger is being blocked.

Messages in the group will not be visible to blocked members. Will not see the admin page. This option is suitable for all users.

If there is no intention to get rid of. You can protect yourself from unnecessary people. You don’t need to close your profile and messenger. This site can be useful in different situations. It is much easier to get rid of an unwanted user by blocking it.

Is it possible to close the direct on instagram for everyone?

For everyone, closing the section will fail. To protect the page from receiving unnecessary messages, you need to know how to close the direct. This will automatically close access to strangers. Not only will they not be able to view the photo. Can’t write text.

New people will have to submit a subscription request. The owner of the profile will independently decide whether to start up or not. Access to the profile is provided. This will open up the opportunity for him to write to direct.

Without closing the profile

If you want to protect yourself from receiving messages without closing your profile, you can act in two ways. The first restricts access to one person. If you choose the second option, you will need to turn off notifications about sent messages. If you want to restrict the user, you should do the following:

  1. The person’s profile opens.
  2. Find the settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Restrict Access from the menu.
  4. The selected action is confirmed.

Often you want to turn off new post alerts. The following manipulations should be carried out:

  • You need to go to Settings;
  • Next, it is important to go to the Notifications section;
  • The chat tab is clicked in;
  • The shutdown button is activated.

In such a situation, a person will be able to write to the user, but the text will fall into the section with correspondence requests.

The recipient decides whether to accept them or not. As soon as he accepts, he can immediately read the sent text. If there is no desire to communicate with the user, he can be blocked. In this situation, it will not even be able to forward requests.

How to close a direct on Instagram:on a phone?

To prevent strangers from writing, it will not work to remove the section for communication. You will have to act in other ways. You can use a cardinal way – using a social network on a PC. There is not even a mention of the directive here. Accordingly, there will be no annoying notifications.

The disadvantage is the lack of useful features. There is a need to use. But at the same time without unnecessary messages from unpleasant or strangers.

On Android

To disable chatting on gadgets, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • Going to the account window;
  • Press the left button at the bottom of the display;
  • In the list with publications and subscribers, you need to find the required profile;
  • Click on three dots in the menu;
  • Here you can disable the option responsible for forwarding notifications.

In this case, you can defer requests. In this case, the user will receive a message that someone wants to communicate with him. He independently decides whether or not to allow messages from spammers.

On iPhone

The scheme of action with these phones looks approximately the same. Gadget owners choose to block users. Insta installed on all iPhones has options to disable notifications from a specific person. In such a situation, the social network will ignore requests for correspondence.

You can prevent messages from being sent to outsiders. Limit profile visits. You should go to the page of a certain person. On the iPhone, find the icon with three dots and disable access in the menu. To do this, click on Complain. The owner of one account will simply be blacklisted and will not be able to do anything.

Summing it up

Working with direct on social media is pretty easy. Every option and action is clear. This is far from the only option for communication. You can safely close it, prohibit a person from writing and invite visitors and subscribers to go to other sites. Everyone can make sure that messages from unwanted subscribers do not bother them.

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