How to copy Instagram link from phone and computer

How to copy a link on Instagram is an important question for owners of social network pages. It is impossible for beginners to perform this operation. We’ll have to use the help of this article. Here you will find information on how the process is carried out. What are the benefits of performing this manipulation.

The scheme of action depends on which phone is on hand, on which OS it works. Before exploring the standard sequence of actions, it is worth understanding what the combination leading to the page and to the account is.

Basically, this is a web address. When you click on it, the social network page automatically opens. When you open it through a search engine, the combination of the Internet address will appear in the input line. This is a great option for photo network users. Relatives and friends can use it to find the owner of the profile.

From Android

If such an OS device is available, nothing can be copied directly. You can log in using your browser or operate from a PC by entering data manually. You need to type in the official location of the portal and add your username.

The situation is simpler with other people’s pages. It is enough to go to the account of interest, click on three dots and select the item with copying from the menu. Next, it remains to insert it where you want. With the photo, the situation is similar. The publication is selected. At the top, find the icon with three dots and click there.

From iPhone

Users of these devices have many methods of copying and then using the resource. Here are some main options for copying an Instagram link from your phone:

  1. Send to direct. Here it is enough to send the account name along with the dog in front.
  2. Via a browser. A social network profile opens through a search engine. Next, copying from the line with the written combination is performed.
  3. Using the template. You just need to take the URL of the page you are looking for. Attach the name of the profile owner to it. After that, you have a direct direction to the photo network page.
  4. Using a second account. Authorization is carried out in it. Further, a search is carried out through another person through him. The icon in the form of three dots is pressed. The function with copy is selected in the menu.

Among these methods of attention deserves an easy option of action – through a direct. The buddy section is allowed here. You need to ask him to go to his own profile and copy the URL. The address is then sent via the same direct.

This is an elementary operation. A person in a social network must perform the following manipulations:

  1. Prepare PC and monitor for network connectivity.
  2. The page is opening.
  3. The mouse is moved to the URL string.
  4. It needs to be selected and copied.

Following a similar scheme, you can copy a photo. It is not necessary to copy the full address. Do not use anything written after the character set.

How do I copy an Instagram link to a story?

You can access the section with stories through the web version on your PC. The presence of a computer is considered the main condition. Operating in the mobile version, you will not be able to do anything. To send a story of another person, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • Your page profile is opening;
  • Next, you need to go to stories;
  • Click to copy.

In this case, you need to be prepared that all videos will be copied, and not one specific one. To send one photo, you should use the screen. In this case, the author of the posted content does not receive any notifications that a stranger has taken a screenshot.

Another common option is reposting. Some users save the record through a service for downloading photos and videos from the social network profile. The difference between this technique is the lack of the necessary path leading to publication.

How do I copy a link to a post?

This operation cannot be performed through the standard resource application. The only thing you are allowed to do is go through the search engine you are using. The required combination is entered manually, as in a situation with a computer.

If you want to take a video from someone else’s profile, the sequence of actions will look much simpler. The user must perform the following manipulations:

  • The specified URL is entered into a special line;
  • A publication is selected in the profile;
  • Three-dot or nut-style option is pressed;
  • The item to copy the post is activated.

Next, it remains to insert the resulting in the desired place. This instruction is suitable for all categories of insta content. You can use it for photos and videos. This is the best way not to simply repost publications in the application.

Summing it up

It makes no difference for what purpose the URLs of publications and accounts are needed. It is easy to get new images or videos and then place them on your page, transfer to friends. The user needs to do everything according to the instructions, tips and recommendations. Regardless of the method chosen, the owner of the iPhone and Android will not have to spend a lot of time on the operation on Instagram.

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