How to make a personal blog on Instagram

Users ask themselves the question: how to create a personal blog on Instagram and start making money on it? Owners of popular accounts receive more than 1,000,000 dollars a month from advertising. Some say that it’s too late to start blogging. niches are occupied. Others are convinced that now is the time to “start” to ensure a stable income and a comfortable old age.

What is a personal blog on instagram?

Available in 2016. The feature connection provides an extended set of features (which are not available in the regular profile). This is necessary to:

  • make it clear to advertisers that the user page was created for business and earnings;
  • receive detailed statistics on the effectiveness of promotion and use of marketing tools;
  • connect additional buttons (for example, “Contact”).

The main advantage of creating such an account on a social network is earnings. But it can take weeks or months from the moment you connect the option to the first money. It all depends on the activity of users, the topic of the blog, the features of promotion (lat and free).

Before starting your personal blog on Instagram, check out all the advantages and disadvantages. Remember the requirements for such profiles:

  • unity of style should be seen not only in photos, but also in posts;
  • publication of publications must be made on a regular basis (as a rule, bloggers work according to a content plan, which specifies the schedule of posts, content, and other points);
  • the profile should be interesting, touch upon the desires /feelings /emotions of the target audience (otherwise it is difficult to gain activity on a “dead” and “empty” account);
  • the quality of content comes first (this applies not only to photos, but also to publications, comments).

WARNING! The “Personal blog” label is only available for public profiles! Additionally, you will need to select the appropriate settings in your business account. Those who want to make money on their personal blog should regularly use the social network Facebook. Below we will try to provide instructions on how to make a personal blog on Instagram. [Sc name=”citat-close”]

What is a personal blog for?

To make money. Of course, there are users who create and promote profiles for self-realization. But in most cases, the goal is to get the most money out of your account. This can be done in different ways:

  • promote your products and services (psychological trainings, master classes, courses);
  • place third-party advertisements bought by major brands (in stories, publications, photos);
  • distribute affiliate links;
  • build a business on the promotion of profiles.

How much can you earn from a social media account? 0 to 1 000 000 dollars or more. But by 2021, a trend has become clear:to promote your profile and get subscribers, you need to invest in advertising. There are free ways to work with Insta, but they work slowly.

What does a personal Instagram blog do?

Before you start your personal blog on Instagram, study its functionality. This option enables:

  • view detailed statistics on publications, reach, subscriber activity;
  • make an extended profile description (what you do, who do you work, what services do you provide);
  • sort private messages into folders (main and general);
  • connect buttons for communication (“Call”, “Contact”, “How to get there” and so on);
  • make advertisements (the settings are a little easier and more convenient compared to regular profiles).

But there are also downsides. The blogger must understand that:

  • will have to be “visible” (hidden profile option is not available);
  • you need to spend time linking your Facebook page (the technical problem is that the account is simply “not visible”);
  • it is necessary to invest in advertising (they say that the reach of personal blogs and companies “Instagram” deliberately “cuts” to encourage bloggers to invest in paid tools).

In short, owning a personal blog opens up opportunities to earn money on:

  • paid training organizations (smm, programming, knitting courses);
  • publishing sponsored posts and stories;
  • selling your own photos and /or tests;
  • participation in affiliate programs;
  • testing products sent by the advertiser;
  • posting promotional reviews and so on.

Now all that remains is to post instructions on how to make a personal blog on Instagram.

How to make a personal blog on instagram:basic ways

There are different options for how to enable the option and “take over” a personal blog. User can do this:

  • via Facebook;
  • without Facebook;
  • via phone (via android or using an iPhone);
  • via a personal computer.

Which is the best way to go? Depends on the user and their preferences. Connection is available for new profiles, and if you already have an account.

Connecting the option via Facebook

The method is deservedly considered one of the best. The sequence of actions looks like this:

  • open the application of the social network “Instagram” and enter the data for authorization;
  • select the section with settings and click on the button to switch to the company profile;
  • agree to the terms of access to your Facebook account (if there is no Facebook page, the system will offer to create it);
  • specify information about yourself (for example, signature, contacts, additional buttons);
  • refresh the page and see the set settings.

Instructions on how to make a personal blog on Instagram, simple and straightforward. But what if you can’t access your Facebook profile?

Enabling the option without Facebook

The step-by-step diagram looks like this:

  • go to page settings;
  • select a section to switch to a business profile;
  • agree with the settings and click on the “Continue” category;
  • link your account to another social network from the list;
  • specify a category (main + additional);
  • confirm settings and get updated captions in the page header.

Making a personal blog via phone

The option is available for Android and IOS gadgets. It’s easy to start a personal blog. The instructions for working with mobile devices are similar. Those. first of all, you need to activate your business account, and then connect the settings and install signatures. If you’re unsure where to start, watch our step-by-step videos and videos. Let’s take a look at how to make Instagram your personal blog over your phone.

Set up settings from Android

Facebook is indispensable. If you want to enable the option in your personal account, you will have to open an account on Facebook. Let’s figure out how to make a personal blog on Instagram.

When the page is available, all that remains is to activate the required sections:

  • name for the Facebook public;
  • category (sites and blogs);
  • account subcategory (art or others).

When the settings are set, check everything and click on the “Next” button. Once your Facebook page is created, you can sign up and start working.

Connect the option from an iPhone (via IOS)

The instruction is simple. You only need to put the mobile application on your phone /smartphone /tablet. Next person:

  • opens Instagram, goes to the profile;
  • clicks on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner, and then automatically goes to the menu;
  • selects the “Author” or “Business Account” section;
  • sees 2 options on the new page:create a new page or convert an existing one;
  • logs into Facebook profile, sets up account management, and selects the Personal Blog section.

All that remains is to fill in the contact information and click on the “Next” button.

You already know how to create a personal blog on Instagram in different ways. In fact, they all boil down to setting a few checkboxes in the settings. The developers have tried to make it as convenient as possible for users to switch from one mode to another, advertise, earn money.

How to make a personal blog on your computer on instagram

The mobile version and the baby scope can be tricky. If you log into your account using a PC or Windows application, you will not find the option. But experts came up with a personal blog on Instagram via a computer. This requires an emulator for Android BlueStacks. The reviews say that the application is quite “heavy” (that is, if there is a way to change the settings via a smartphone on IOS or Android, it is better to use it).

The step-by-step instructions on what to do is:

  • log in to your personal account (everything is as usual);
  • go to Google Play to download social networking software;
  • log into your account and create a business page.

The general scheme of actions on how to make a personal blog on Instagram is preserved. But there are issues related to finding and using additional software.

How quickly can labels and annotations appear? Almost immediately. In the reviews they write that there are no problems with the transition to different modes. It remains only to use the functionality that the social network offers. Every day there are more and more options and advertising tools. But there is also a downside:new ways to combat fraud are emerging, coverage is being cut, algorithms are changing.

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