Telegram channel: how to create your own Telegram channel

Telegram is a new messenger that is rapidly gaining popularity. It is used not only in Russia – the application has become widespread in foreign countries. Gradually Telegram is included in the list of the most necessary programs for the phone, replacing the usual social networks. This is a multifunctional application that allows you to exchange messages, listen, download music, search for pictures and receive any relevant information. Many people are wondering how to create a Telegram channel? It’s easy to do if you follow the special instructions.

Why do you need a Telegram channel?

Telegram is a unique application developed by Pavel Durov, the former head and owner of the Vkontakte social network. He began developing the program after leaving his managerial position. At the very beginning, Telegram served for the usual exchange of letters between people. Now there are group chats, the ability to download media files. A couple of years ago, Durov announced the creation of a Telegram channel.

Channel is a certain group, joining which the user automatically agrees to send messages. It is a blog with a meager feature set. In it authorized users can write text messages, as well as send audio and video recordings, music files.

You will not be able to like other users or share the post with friends.

The leading developers of Facebook and Vkontakte were involved in the development of Telegram channels. A few months ago, it was extremely difficult to subscribe to such a newsletter – you could get to the channel via a direct link through a mobile application. Personal computers got access to the functionality, and a catalog with the most popular and relevant bots appeared. Now, in order to create a channel in Telegram, you don’t need to have any specific skills.

How to create a channel in Telegram?

Leading channels in Telegram bring good dividends to their owners. They get a lot of offers from advertisers who pay them money. Because of this, many users are beginning to think about how to create their own channel in the Telegram. This can be done in updated applications released after 2015. If you installed the program earlier than this period, then it will need to be updated. This is done through the application store. If such manipulation does not bring success, you can delete and reinstall Telegram – your contacts and messages will be saved. Then follow the algorithm:

  • Open the application, run the settings.
  • Scroll down and find ‘Create Channel’.
  • Enter any name you like for the profile.
  • Customize it: make it private or public.
  • Choose a theme for your channel.
  • Invite friends from your contacts list or generate a special link that will add users to you.

Computer generated

Due to the fact that channel management in Telegram has become a full-fledged business, you can use the service through a computer. To get full functionality, you need to install a special application that will completely repeat the capabilities of the mobile application. To create a Telegram channel in this way, you need to adhere to the algorithm:

  1. Run the application, click on the three horizontal bars to open the menu. Then select “Create Channel” or “New Channel” to create your own page.
  2. If you do everything right, a window will appear: enter the channel name, a short description, and set the picture into it. If you do something wrong, the entered data, except for the channel name, changes at any time.
  3. Select the type of channel: private or public. To make it as popular as possible, try to enter a short and memorable login. Usually people think about it for a long time before learning how to create a page.
  4. Start inviting contacts from your phone book to the channel. Also create a short link that the user can click to join the group from their phone.

How to create a channel in Telegram on iPhone?

Not sure how to create a Telegram channel on your iPhone? Then you need to read this instruction in detail. If you approach this issue competently, you can easily create a page in this application. Apple products are popular all over the world, many users have long switched to mobile devices from this manufacturer and are not going to change to another. Apple delights users with ease of use and high reliability.

Apple’s iPhone is a multifunctional gadget that has all the capabilities of a mobile phone. In addition, it is distinguished by serious security; viruses cannot appear in its operating system. To create a Telegram channel on an iPhone, it is enough to study the capabilities of this application. It is very easy to do this, even a beginner can handle it. To do this, follow the algorithm:

  • First of all, you need to download the application. To do this, go to the AppStore and fill in its name in the search. Download, install, log in by entering your contact information.
  • After authorization, you get full access to the system. In the upper left corner, click on the icon to create a new message.
  • In the window that appears, you will have access to 3 functions: create a group, a secret chat and a channel. The latter is what we need.
  • Select Create Feed. After that, the program will show a message and tell you that this method will allow you to convey a ton of information to the audience. Please note that an unlimited number of viewers can subscribe to the channel.
  • After agreeing with all the provisions, Telegram will ask you to enter the name of the channel, write a short but accurate description, choose a theme. Pay special attention to these parameters, because they will help you get a new audience.
  • Set a profile photo – make it bright and memorable. After that, proceed with the basic settings.
  • Choose whether the channel should be public or private. The second case is not suitable for commercial use, because those who are invited by the administrator will be able to access the data. If you want to make the channel available to everyone, make it public.
  • Click Next, your phone book will open for you. Select the contacts you want to invite.

If you do not understand how to create your own channel in Telegram, contact the support service for help. Experienced specialists will quickly answer all your questions, after which they will provide comprehensive support. If you manage your channel responsibly, you can quickly gain popularity and subscribers. Thanks to this, employers who will bring you the first money will want to cooperate with you.

Responsibly search for information and design messages. Don’t overload them with data and long canvases of text. [Sc name=”citat-close”]

Create an Android channel

If you don’t know how to create your own Telegram channel on Android, check out this algorithm. Today, various operating systems have similar functionality, so doing this on an Android phone is as easy as on an iPhone. The applications themselves for different operating systems are identical, you will not have any difficulties. Stick to the algorithm:

  1. Download the Telegram application to your phone – open PlayMarket, enter the program name through the search function and install it.
  2. Start Telegram, enter the required contact details and log in.
  3. In the upper left corner, click on the 3 horizontal lines to launch the menu.
  4. In the window that appears, select Create Channel.
  5. In the new settings, specify the name of the page, choose a design, upload an avatar.
  6. Additionally, define whether the page is public or private.
  7. Invite early members and create a unique link.

If you figured out how to create a channel in telegram, get down to business. Many people became famous thanks to this service.

Is this service paid?

Telegram is the new brainchild of Pavel Durov, the former owner and creator of Vkontakte. He is against paying for the main functionality of the program. You can create channels, register chatbots and much more for free. Developers receive the main income from advertisers, traffic and sticker sales. The support center specialists can easily tell you how to create a Telegram channel.

What are the benefits of creating a channel?

There are many advantages to creating a channel in Telegram. This service allows you to promote your products and services for free. Among the positive properties of this service are:

  • Absolute privacy – if you want, those who you allow will subscribe to your channel.
  • Concentration on information – there is no opportunity to leave comments and enter into controversy.
  • File exchange – you can easily transfer data up to 1.5 Gigabytes through Telegram.
  • Unlimited number of members – you can create a public for 2 people or 100 million.
  • Free – the program does not charge money for creating channels.
  • Absence of forbidden topics – the data that got into the Telegram will never be provided to the special services.

How to properly manage your channel?

If you understood correctly how to create a channel in Telegram, and now you do not know how to maintain it, read this paragraph. If you do everything competently and reach a large audience of subscribers, you can make great money on this business. To make this profitable, you must follow the rules:

  1. Choose the direction of the public and stay on top of it – users subscribe to the channel to get certain information. You should not make a hodgepodge of everything out of it.
  2. Don’t overdo it with your own opinion – it’s best to make informative articles about something. The user will make a conclusion himself, remaining your subscriber for a long time.
  3. Don’t post too often – the average Telegram user is subscribed to 2-10 channels. If they all start sending a message every hour, it will drive you mad. It is best to send 2-3 SMS per day.
  4. Format and don’t make messages too big – people come to the Internet to relax or get information in an accessible form. If they want to read a long article, they will find it online.
  5. Keep track of the number of advertisements – too many will lead to bulk unsubscriptions.
  6. Study your target audience – see who follows the most and focus on them.
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