How to crop video for Instagram Stories on your phone

How to crop a video on Instagram in Stories, users who want to increase audience reach are interested. Since this blogging format helps to popularize the profile and increase the credibility of followers.

But we are faced with the limitations of the messenger for the duration of the uploaded videos. For comparison, here are the rules of different social networks regarding the duration of movies:

  • Instagram – 15 seconds;
  • Facebook – 20 seconds;
  • WhatsApp – half a minute.

The superiority of competitors is evident, which loyal subscribers have to put up with. You can manually split a clip into its component parts. However, it is more productive to use the built-in Insta tools. Also at the service of users there are applications that manage content clipping.

The demand for such editing arises due to the fact that the blogger has nothing to offer his fans live. A person can have a video prepared in advance, the size of which is desirable to change.

How to crop video in Instagram Stories on your phone

Before cropping a video for Stories, on Instagram it makes sense to pay attention to the standard function of generating files. By default, the messenger works according to the following principles:

  • splitting the content into parts not exceeding the specified limit;
  • stabilization of the frame, eliminating the deterioration of the view when “shaking”.

To divide the footage into equal parts, in your social network profile, follow the steps:

  • start styling Stories by swiping right in the News Feed;
  • select an item from the Camera Roll;
  • tap Next;
  • among the tools, activate shortening by clicking on the button of the same name;
  • mark the beginning and end of the final movie;
  • make filters, put skin;
  • add text caption;
  • tap the checkmark next to Share.

The system sets a limit on the minimum duration of a clip published on the main page of your account. You cannot post a file whose recording time is less than 5 seconds. Therefore, the best placement option is to direct the video in Stories.

On Iphone

Lucky for people who are interested in how to crop videos for Instagram Stories and who own an iPhone J Instructions for using the in-house clip editor:

  • open the Gallery and select the Videos tab;
  • start playing the file to be trimmed – arrows are placed on the two edges of the playbar;
  • to set the broadcast time frame, hold down one of the arrows and drag it to an arbitrary place on the screen. At this stage, the camera preparation frames are deleted at the beginning of the track;
  • tap the blue arrow at the bottom of the frame to start playing the selected section;
  • tap “Trim” at the top right when the resulting movie clip is successful and satisfies J;
  • a frame will pop up, in which you can select a saving method – the OS has the function of transforming the original movie or creating a copy. In the latter case, the original content cannot be transformed;
  • after clicking on the button highlighted in the screenshot, direct editing starts on the phone. The process ends when the bar at the bottom of the screen reaches the right edge;
  • now make sure the modified file appears in the Gallery as well.


How to crop video for Instagram Stories for Android owners who do not want to install third-party utilities? Online services will come in handy, and the first site we look at is called

  • follow the link get to the Russian version of the project;
  • tap on the “Select file” button and specify the content that you will edit;
  • tap the crop icon in the toolbar and select the line to convert the resolution to Insta format;
  • on the timeline near the bottom panel, set the start and end positions of the playback;
  • click “Save” to edit;
  • download the finished video to your mobile device.

The next portal to cut video for Stories is

  • go to content change section – Mcom /crop-video.aspx;
  • tap “Select video file” and mark the clip;
  • click “Open”;
  • go to the crop field and click the “Crop video online” button;
  • after converting, upload the resulting result to your smartphone’s memory card.

Best Instagram video cropping apps

How to crop video for Instagram Stories using regular means, you should know – this is not the limit of possibilities J We are talking about the limited functionality of editing videos in a music program.

To select a fragment in the middle of a track, you will need the help of additional utilities. Also, third-party software allows you to cope with other tasks:

  • add frames;
  • creating decorative buns;
  • filtering the final image;
  • adding a photo;
  • effects, etc.

The proposed applications divide the content into equal 10- or 15-second intervals, without violating the rules of the social network. Some solutions are suitable for one OS, others are universal.

For iPhone

The open source InShot utility is easy to use and will cut out the middle of your movie. After downloading and installing:

  • go to the program and in the “Create new” frame tap “Video”;
  • there will be an automatic redirect to the “Photos” section to mark the clip undergoing change;
  • clicking on an arbitrary file throws it into a window similar to the one that appeared when we figured out how to crop a video for Instagram Stories using the regular method. A similar frame scale at the top and an indicator displayed during processing at the bottom;
  • tap Select to start compression on iPhone;
  • when the compression is complete, a frame with the edit will appear;
  • tap on the scissors icon;
  • click on the icon highlighted in the image to extract part of the video from the middle, and play with the arrows on the frames in order to select the optimal segment;
  • check the box to confirm;
  • in InShot, tap the word Share and wait for the transformation to complete;
  • Crop the video for photo hosting by clicking on the “Instagram” button. Fitting for other messengers and simple saving of a fragment is available.

For Android

Story Cutter software is designed to cut clips received from the phone camera or from memory. Divides content into equal intervals of 10 seconds. The app is shareware, since the right to create 15-second movies costs a few dollars. How to crop video for Instagram Stories with Story Cutter:

  • run the utility;
  • put download source from Gallery or camera;
  • specify the file;
  • set the time period that you want to save later;
  • wait until the end of processing and transfer the video to your smartphone.

The next utility to consider in the category of best slicing software is YouCut. Basic skills regarding cropping files:

  • fitting clips to any broadcast duration is an indispensable Story tool;
  • splitting content into component parts;
  • send data in HD resolution;
  • adjust picture scale;
  • add an audio track to the generated movie.
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