How to delete a Telegram account on the computer from the server

Telegram is a unique messenger that differs significantly from its analogues. Users who switched to it noted their dissimilarity to either Viber or WhatsApp. The creator of the program is Pavel Durov – the person who developed and built the social network Vkontakte. Telegram is a fundamentally new program, the main goal of which is to protect user data. Messages written and sent through this program will never reach users. If you would like to know how to delete your Telegram account, read this article. This is easy to do if you follow a special algorithm.

What needs to be done?

Many users have private conversations on the Internet, and then regret that their data got on the network. Because of this, they begin to wonder whether it is possible to delete the telegram account so as not to lose the correspondence or not. The developers declare that this feature is not provided. If you decide to completely deactivate the messenger, then the data on correspondence, contacts, attachments will be completely erased from the servers. If you know you will need to get rid of your messenger account, follow these guidelines:

  • When receiving important text data, save to cloud storage or keep in another program.
  • Take screenshots of important points to keep the data in the form of pictures.
  • Download the text of the correspondence in document format. But to make such a file, you need the personal consent of the second user.
  • Don’t make rash decisions – think about it before erasing the program.

How to permanently delete a Telegram account from a computer?

If you ever want to delete your telegram account, know it’s easy to do. There is one peculiarity: this can be done exclusively from a personal computer – mobile applications do not have the proper functionality. Erasing a user account includes deactivating the user’s page, completely deleting conversations with all contacts. After you decide on this step, all correspondence and sent documents will become inaccessible to you. This should be taken into account if you think that the obtained data will ever be useful. To delete a telegram account, follow the algorithm:

  1. Open the official Telegram website on a personal computer.
  2. Log in, enter the contact phone number – a secret code will be sent to it. It must be specified in a special window.
  3. Go to this page, re-enter the phone number. A new message with a password for deactivation will be sent to it.
  4. Enter it in the appropriate field. After that, you may receive several notifications in the application itself.
  5. Enter the “Confirmation code” in the line, click on “Sign in”.
  6. The system will ask you why you are going to leave. You can fill in this field, or you can leave it blank.
  7. The last time the program will ask you if you are sure of the action. To delete your account, you need to click “Yes, delete”.
  8. If you follow this algorithm, after completing the last action you will receive a notification that your account has been completely deleted.

In order not to run into problems after uninstalling the messenger, you need to take into account some peculiarities. Keep in mind that all data stored on the server from your account will be completely erased. When installing to the same number, a new page will be created for you, where you will not find old correspondence. It will not be possible to delete an account and immediately create a new one – it will be possible to link a page to this number after a certain period of time. If you have gone through the procedure of forced deletion due to spamming, then you will not be able to create a new page.

How do I delete an account in a telegram?

Often users are interested in how to remove a contact from a Telegram. This is easy to do if you follow a special algorithm. Keep in mind that your data is not stored in the memory of your phone or computer, but on servers – it is impossible to change their data yourself. As the number of users grows, their memory becomes insufficient, so the system independently deactivates unused pages – those with which no actions have been performed for a long time.

You can get rid of your own Telegram account using automatic deletion. If you do not go online for six months, the system will automatically delete your account with all the data. Also, you can set the date when you want to get rid of the page yourself. The automatic timer can work at any time within 1-12 months. To set deletion after a certain period, use the algorithm:

  1. Access your account settings from your personal computer.
  2. Open the “Privacy and Security” item.
  3. Find the section about “Self-deactivating your account”.
  4. Set a specific period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

As you get closer to the date of deleting your account, you will receive notifications of imminent deactivation in the application. If you don’t want to lose your own profile, just open the program for a few seconds. In this case, the system will receive a signal that you have resumed use and will reset the timer.

Consequences of deactivating a user

Before looking for how to delete an account in telegrams, think about the consequences of such an action. Erasing user data will permanently save you from text messages and files sent on the system. We strongly recommend that you think about the consequences:

  • By deleting your account, you lose your correspondence, contacts, media files, your nickname.
  • Deleted data cannot be recovered – after erasing all user settings disappear from the company’s servers.
  • Immediately after deletion, you will not be able to register a new account – you will need to wait a few days.

At press conferences, it was repeatedly said that deleting a Telegram account is an irreversible process that requires a lot of deliberation. If you have a desire to deactivate the page, think about whether you really need it. You will not be able to recover all important data stored in dialogs. Telegram is a fundamentally new messenger that will allow you to keep your data safe. Deleting an account from it requires compulsory thinking and weighing all the important points.

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