How to delete Instagram account permanently via phone

How to delete Instagram account permanently is of interest to users who want to break with the past or clear their personal information space of unnecessary junk J B in any case, it does not hurt to know about the pitfalls that accompany profile erasure.

Strictly speaking, there are two main ways to get rid of an account:

  • temporary “freeze”, which involves deactivating the page for a certain period. The content inside is resumed when “thawed”;
  • is permanently deleted, denying a chance of recovery. Only legal proceedings with the administration of the social network will help (the content is still stored on the company’s servers, regardless of the actions of users).

But within the framework of this article, we will mainly consider the method of finally clearing traces of being in.

How to permanently delete Instagram via phone:step by step instructions

First, let’s go through the step-by-step procedure using a mobile device, regardless of the specific OS. How to delete a page on Instagram permanently via phone? It is mandatory to use a web browser – the application does not support the discussed feature.

  • go to the account configuration by clicking on the icon at the top right;
  • find a tab called “Help” in the settings;
  • tap “” to enter the technical support frame;
  • then click the “Account Management” link in the browser, and after it – “Account Deletion”;
  • check the dropdown text description highlighted in the screenshot;

At this stage it is not too late to change your mind and introduce a page lock (the link is marked with the words “”)!

  • scroll down the window to reach the hypertext caption for deleting Instagram profile;
  • Confirm the requested operation by entering your registration information.

From Android

  • open a web surfing program;
  • launch the main page (adapted mobile version automatically opens for smartphone users);
  • type your username and password to log in;
  • go to com /accounts /remove /request /permanent /;
  • indicate the reason for deleting your Instagram account permanently;
  • enter the secret combination of characters used to enter the profile;
  • click on the button highlighted in the photo.

From Iphone

By analogy with Android on iPhone, the instruction provides for the use of a web browser:

  • open Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or another convenient browser;
  • go to the main page;
  • ;
  • go to settings by clicking on the gear image;
  • click on the Help Center tab name;
  • tap “Manage Account”;
  • check the line;
  • tap on the name of the “” tab;
  • familiarize yourself with the appeared algorithm and click on the hypertext caption indicated by the arrow in the picture;
  • provide the reason for deleting the page;
  • write down the current access password;
  • click on the “Permanently Delete Account” button.

Will all data be lost if my Instagram account is deleted?

If you delete your Instagram account permanently, be prepared for irrevocable loss of information. Before making an irreversible operation, consider the consequences in detail. Another thing is a blocked profile, access to which is returned after the first login from a browser or an official social network client.

There are two things to keep in mind when trying:

  • after deleting your account, you are not entitled to design a new page with the old name. Those. the data is still stored in the database, but is not accessible to mere mortals. As soon as the user got rid of the account, the name of the latter is forever assigned to the deleted content;
  • wait a couple of hours before starting another page (optional).
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