How to delete Tik Tok video from Android and iPhone

Don’t know how to delete a video in TikTok? The social network became popular a couple of years ago. Every teen now has a profile. Here users chat with friends, shoot entertaining videos and clips, educational tutorials and watch the content of other tiktokers. For a change, they use various techniques, animations, filters and much more. Sometimes the quality of a fragment does not suit the user. In this case, it is recommended to permanently remove the clip from your account. This is easy enough. Follow the advice to get a positive result. With the help of this article, you will figure out how to remove content from your account. In addition, we offer methods for recovering a deleted fragment.

How to delete videos from TikTok: basic ways?

The main ones can be seen in the clips of trendy bloggers. Playback does not depend on the make and model of the smartphone. The steps are the same for all mobile devices. Regardless of Huawei, Samsung, IPhone and other brands, the instructions are identical. For the latest information, follow the top tiktokers. They are the first to post news about innovations on the web.

How do I delete a Tik Tok video on my phone?

Follow the instructions on how to delete your video in TikTok. The steps are almost the same on the two operating systems. However, there are some nuances.

  • use a list of clips;
  • notice the additional control bar at the bottom of the screen;
  • the function to delete is marked with a trash can icon;
  • when a clip is destroyed, the user will hear a notification signal.

From Android

Need to remove the clip using android? This operating system is used by many users. This does not require additional applications or programs. First, start and find the section with “Settings”. Click on the “Three Dots” icon. In the additional menu, click on “Delete”. Be sure to confirm the operation. Each piece is deleted individually. It will not be possible to destroy everything at once.

From iPhone

On iPhones, the program is fairly simple software. To get started, unlock your gadget and follow the instructions below:

  • register in the system, enter your current nickname and password;
  • run the section with all files;
  • find a specific fragment in the list;
  • click on the three dots icon;
  • activate the corresponding key;
  • wait for the operation to complete.

How to delete all videos at once in TikTok?

This option is not provided by the developers. Alas, you cannot delete all clips in one go. The creators plan to introduce the feature at a later date.

How to remove videos from drafts in Tik Tok?

Draft is the section where private videos are located that were not included in the feed. The user launches Settings and finds the video clip. Next, edit the clip, overlay a track from the library and place it on your account. Now subscribers will be able to learn about new content. If you need to permanently delete a video from TikTok, follow these steps:

  • go to the appropriate section;
  • find the content you want;
  • click to run;
  • there is a “Delete” icon at the bottom of the screen;
  • confirm or cancel actions by clicking the Cancel button.

How to remove videos from favorites in Tik Tok?

To remove a fragment from the Favorite in Tik Tok , include. Here are the personal files of the blogger. They are closed from prying eyes. No one but the owner will see. The first step is to click on the Share icon. The “Control Panel” will open before the user. Contains many options. Select the “Delete” line from the available functions. Thus, there will be no clip in the Favorites folder.

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