How to save a photo to your computer from Instagram: basic ways

How to download a photo to a computer from Instagram – this problem occurs for many users of the popular service. One of the most popular networks has an annoying feature – there is no way to save photos directly to a computer. There is a logical explanation for this:people are more willing to share moments of their lives, believing that strangers will not be able to use their files. However, there are workarounds and ways to save a photo to your computer from Instagram.

How to download a photo to your computer yourself

Self-saving on a PC or files from does not imply the use of third-party resources, specialized programs.


The simplest and most straightforward way to download images to your PC is a screenshot. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Select the image you like in the web version of Instagram, find the “Prt Sc” button on the keyboard and press.
  2. Go to the “Start” menu in the lower left corner of the screen. In this tab we are looking for the one called “Paint” among the standard programs. We enter the program.
  3. On the keyboard, we find a combination of two keys:”Ctrl” + “V”. For convenience, you can use the top “Insert” panel. The system will offer a screen with a picture that we intend to save.
  4. The picture is saved on your computer, but includes not only the desired photo, but also a screenshot of the entire screen. It is necessary to trim unnecessary fragments. To do this, select the “Select” tab and outline everything that you plan to remove.
  5. Open a new file with a document by pressing the “Ctrl” + “C” buttons.
  6. Press “Insert” and save the resulting image. If the image is smaller than the white sheet, use the square in the lower right corner. By pulling it, we reduce the white field to a minimum.

Download using the address bar

Option:how to save a photo to your computer from Instagram using the address bar is very simple. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Open the required image in the web version of the social network on a PC.
  2. Find the address bar on top, in it, after the URL, enter the text:”media? size=l”. The quotes must be removed.
  3. Press “Enter”. The image to be loaded opens. Use the right mouse button to select the “Save As …” tab.
  4. Coming up with a name for the document downloaded to the PC and placing it in a convenient folder.

How to download all photos to your computer

A situation often arises when you need to save not one image, but the entire archive of the user, including the video. Repeating the procedure with each separate file is not only long, but also impossible, given that several dozen documents have been selected. In addition, many users do not trust third-party services that promise “fast loading in one click”. In fact, such downloading can turn into the installation of a malicious application, breakdown of equipment.

How to download Instagram photos on PC:

  1. Open the web version of the network. Log in to your page.
  2. Go to the user page with the files you like. Scroll through history to the beginning, making sure everything loads.
  3. Save the page to your PC (combination “Ctrl” + “S”). The entire page must be saved, not only its html-code. All pictures selected in someone else’s social network profile are duplicated in the folder with saved files on your computer.

Specialized helpers:programs for downloading photos from Instagram to your computer

To download several photos from your Instagram profile, it is convenient to use special download programs. One of the most popular is Instaport, specially designed to work with a PC.

You need to download the program, the service will offer to log in with your username on the network. Then you can select the period for which you want to download the images. In addition, there are filters:by user’s likes, by photo with a certain tag, etc. Limit on the number of downloaded files – 500 pieces.

The program’s interface is intuitive and will not cause problems for a new user.

Extensions and Plugins

Installing browser plugins will make it much easier to download photos to your PC from Instagram:

  • Instag Downloader for Chrome;
  • Instagram Downloader for Opera;
  • InstaDown for

After the extensions are downloaded to the PC, additional buttons will appear in the browser offering:”Download all /download /Download video”.

In addition, it is possible to download via sites to save images from, quickly and without loss of quality:

  • – no registration or fee, you just need to insert a link into a line, then the site will do everything by itself;
  • is a proven safe way to download images from;
  • is a handy proven resource for getting images to your computer quickly and safely.

Despite the peculiarity of the social network Instagram, which does not allow other users to download files from the profile, there are many ways to save the documents you like. You can do this yourself or use special applications.

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