How to download and install the f3 cool app for free on your phone

F3 – download the application for asking questions of an anonymous nature interesting to users who intend to find out the opinion of their close circle of friends. Chat allows you to communicate in a two-way format (question-answer).

F3 Cool inherent:

  • Instagram integration;
  • questions are valid for three days;
  • private conversation of participants;
  • free to use.

Let’s analyze the methods of installing and downloading the program on gadgets running Android and iOS.

How to download the F3 app to your phone

Software is available for each mobile operating system in Google Play and App Store. Loading for a separate device has nuances that we will consider below. They relate to introducing new features into the product specification and charging usage fees.


An application for “googlephones” has an index of 1.32.0 and was released on 27.04. The size of the installation file is 32 MB, and the minimum supported OS version is 4.4. Among the “goodies” – the introduction of the BFF game, with the help of which friendships with users are established. The search area for future contacts is not geographically limited.

On iOS

Apple device adepts are also free to download F3 Cool with support for dating via BFF. The current specification 1.29.0 weighs 143.4 MB and was released on May 11, 2020.

F3 Plus Premium Feature Pack available for download:

  • display of people who monitored posts and replies;
  • demo of members submitting a Subscriber Request (BFF);
  • disable ads;

How to install this app on your phone

F3 Cool registration algorithm:

  • download from the official website of the OS developer;
  • run the application;
  • tap “Register” in the window that appears;
  • select a method to create the profile;
  • fill in the fields with information;
  • tap the Copy Link command;
  • open Instagram;
  • click Edit Profile;
  • paste the contents of the clipboard (“Site”);
  • check done.
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