How to download Instagram on PC with Direct

How to download direct from instagram to your computer. Many searches are related to, rather than through another social network or email.

Many users are wondering if the full functionality of the social network in the PC version. For example, functionality such as:

  • Editing photos and videos with their further publication,
  • Viewing the archive of stories and publications, configuring and managing the archive,
  • Ability to write and reply to messages
  • Ability to publish stories from your computer.

After all, as you know, even the web version of the Instagram from the phone does not provide full functionality. The social network from the creators of Facebook is tailored for use through the official mobile application, which can be downloaded and installed for free from.

The browser version of the insta on a computer is similarly limited in functionality and does not have a direct or other functions from the list above. What to do?

How to download Instagram with direct on pc for free?

Will I be able to download instagram to my computer with the. Let’s see the first option, which doesn’t quite fit the topic. If you need exactly the ability to correspond, go to the second method.

Installing Instagram Direct on PC:

  • Keyboard and mouse add convenience for editing and posting photos,
  • All filters for image processing are present, as in the mobile version for Instagram,
  • There is a full-fledged photo editor,
  • The large monitor adds convenience to the editing and processing of photos.

It can be used in three ways:

  • Via web browser and online services,
  • Via PC version,
  • On an Android emulator on a computer.

The application adds functionality just like the official instagram. It can be installed on a computer or laptop using the following instructions:

  • Go to Microsoft Store (Windows 10 only, Windows 7, 8 not),
  • Search Instagram Direct,
  • Click on the “get the program” button,

The application will install on your device. Open the program and get access to most of the functionality for image processing and publishing.

And now the second way, already with a full-fledged application on the PC version.

How do I install it?

Instructions for installing a special emulator:

  • Go to the main browser on your computer,
  • Go to BlueStacks Official Website,
  • Download the installation file
  • Run the installer. Then the installation of the application will begin.

After installation, open the application and sign in to your account using your email (like your Google account login) and password. This is a kind of Play Market, only for a computer or laptop. Download and install the required applications, including Instagram.

How to make a direct on Instagram on a computer

How to make a direct without installing applications. Special online services are working to expand the functionality of the browser version of the insta:

  • io;
  • ru.

We do not recommend using third-party resources. the account can fly to the ban for using external resources or it can be hacked by scammers, because you use your username and password for authorization.

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