How to download Instagram videos on Android: basic ways

How to download videos from Instagram on Android directly is not possible, only placement and viewing is available. appeared in 2013 and immediately became popular and beloved. The first users wanted to share a moving image of memorable moments of their lives, views of beautiful places. Many of them want to download themselves to their computer to view over and over again. How to download videos from Instagram?

Just note that this is not possible with standard web applications. This prohibition is dictated by the privacy policy and the protection of personal data of users. It is necessary to involve other methods, which differ depending on the gadget, its OS.

How to download videos from Instagram to Android phone

For an Android phone, you will need to use special software products – applications specially developed for downloading videos from Instagram. In addition, you can use online services. Online services are not the most convenient way to download, especially when you don’t want to take up space on your phone with additional programs. Such content can be dangerous.

Best Android Apps to Download Instagram Videos

Applications for downloading videos from Instagram are a convenient way, but the program will have to get this data for hackers.

Let’s take a look at the most popular Instagram video download apps.


The utility can be called the most popular – the number of downloads from the official Google store exceeds 10 million. Advantages of the program:

  • complete and accurate interaction with;
  • high loading data of media content;
  • intuitive menu of saved documents;
  • viewing user data from a publication;
  • slide show organization;
  • ;
  • browse online.

Of course, there are some drawbacks:

  • a lot of advertising content that appears after almost every action. The reason – the program is free;
  • the utility is not Russified;
  • there is no version that works with IOS.

Download FastSave for Instagram only for phones running on the Android platform. You can also use the program to download videos from Instagram for PC. But here you need additional help in the form of an emulator – BlueStacks.

How to proceed:

  1. Download the application to. Launch.
  2. The bootloader splash screen will display a screen that says “FastSave Service”. The slider to the right of the label must be moved to the right. Then tap on “Open Instagram”. The social network will open.
  3. Loading occurs automatically when the service is activated. The user will only be required to download content. To do this, you need to go to the publication of interest, tap three dots above the photo or a and select the appropriate item.

The download will begin and a message will appear.

The main convenience of the service is that you don’t need to open it for every new download, just one activation is enough. The full history of the downloaded content is available from the “My Downloads” button on the main screen.

Inst Downloader

An affordable and simple Downloader for Instagram application that allows you to download photos and videos from social networks. After installation and launch, you can download videos from Instagram using the algorithm:

  • select a media file and open the page with its publication;
  • copy the link to it;
  • insert into application line;
  • tap “CHECK URL” to download and save.

The program will take up some space on your phone, but will make it easier to save your selection.


Users rate the content as the most user-friendly among similar posting products.


  • the process ends in three clicks;
  • saving several images and entire photo galleries at once;
  • a player is integrated into the download list, through which you can view the saved;
  • additional options:copying tags and descriptions, the ability to share saved files with friends, cloud drive, YouTube service, etc.

The algorithm of actions for downloading videos from Instagram within the framework of this product is no different from the others discussed above. On the publication page, select a menu and copy the link. The link saves files that are saved in “QuickSave” and “QuickSave Videos”.


The main purpose of the uploader is to allow the web user not only under photos but also videos.


  • install the application;
  • logging in with personal data;
  • select the publication to download or;
  • in the post menu, tap the menu that looks like three elongated points;
  • in the drop-down menu select “”;
  • the address is automatically copied to the clipboard and redirected to Regrann, where media files are loaded;
  • under the post there is an icon representing a floppy disk or an icon, by tapping on which we save the content.

How to download videos from Instagram to Android phone for free without programs

As we found out, there are many ways to download videos from Instagram:online services, various mobile applications. Are there any other ways to get things done, and for free? Yes, there is.

Click online

Often there is no space on the phone to download an application, removing other programs is not an option. But for a video, there is a place in memory. This is where the online service will help. Such services are distinguished by a simple interface, the ability to download videos absolutely free of charge without additional software. Downloading takes place simply from the link. Most famous Instagram Video Downloader. Download algorithm:

  1. Find a service on the network. Insert the link to the video into the address bar.
  2. Choose the path to the folder for saving the content and start the process of downloading video from Instagram.
  3. We are waiting for the end of the process and enjoy the selected videos.

You can find a large number of similar services on the web, each of which does not take long to master.

Possible problems

Saving media files using the listed methods to an Android phone will not cause any difficulties. Problems may arise in another area.

Desired video disappears after 24 hours.

To download videos from Instagram stories, you need to install a browser extension. For example, Downloader for Instagram. Or use a mobile utility – Story Saver.

The video hangs on the main page, but it doesn’t download.

It is worth restarting the program or restarting the gadget.

Prohibit downloading personal videos.

It is enough to make your profile private, videos and photos will become inaccessible for saving not only to third-party users, but also to subscribers.

The main problem that a user who downloads other people’s photos and videos may have is accusations of stealing content. other people’s images. When disclosing someone else’s intellectual property, reference to the original source is required.

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