How to enable Instagram notifications about a person’s posts

How to put a notification on Instagram stories is a question that interests users of the photo network. In order not to miss the next publications in the form of photos and videos, it is necessary to install alerts. Below is information on how to enable SMS. A person can examine the data and choose the appropriate option for obtaining.

How do I enable story notifications?

Many people are interested in the posts of a particular user. It is possible to activate the settings and receive a signal immediately after the photo appears in the news feed. To arrange availability, you should select the appropriate one.

The icon is pressed in the form of three vertically spaced dots. The person will be presented with a menu with several options. You need to choose the appropriate option from the following:

  • Complain;
  • Copy link;
  • Activate;
  • Unsubscribe.

The desired option is selected from among them. If you click on the message activation line, the user will receive an SMS about new posts. This is an ideal opportunity to structure the study of content on a social network so that posts of a certain thematic direction are opened to the attention.

Someone picks a specific person. There are users who subscribe not to the account owner, but to the request. This is a keyword known in the Instagram world as a hashtag. You can subscribe to it and receive relevant content in the feed.

How do I enable message notifications?

One of the common reasons why SMS may not be sent is a failure in the built-in settings. To decide how to enable notifications on Instagram about publications, you need to perform the following operations:

  • Go to the options menu;
  • You need to go to the settings tab;
  • Find important sections and check the box with the On button.

Information is allowed to receive direct and via SMS. Do this in the settings. The difference is not the ticking, but the transfer of the levers to the passive and active position.

You do not need to confirm your selection. Saving is done automatically. If after completing the operation the failure is noted again, it is worth checking that the used version of the social network has been updated.

How do I enable live notifications?

The built-in parameters allow you to customize alerts when the user is on live broadcast. This tool allows you to watch the broadcast from the beginning without missing anything. To achieve this goal, you need to log into the account of the person of interest.

Next, the button with the settings is pressed, and the function for sending information is set to the active position. Thanks to the listed actions, a person can obtain information on such actions:

  1. Subscription request.
  2. Permission to communicate in direct.
  3. Photo messages.
  4. Disable messages about the appearance of stories.

You can find out about all the comments that other profile owners leave under posts, in broadcasts and in the Stories section. The main advantage is the ability to receive newsletters about publications that may be potentially interesting for a new user of the social network page.

How do I enable post notifications?

The activation is done in the standard order. You can not only carry out the inclusion, but arrange by such parameters as:

  • Chronology of posts and live broadcasts;
  • Degree of utility;
  • Publication interest for the user.

This option will make the ribbon more interesting. Posts that are important are not skipped, they are not lost on the social network. To activate, you should find the post of interest. An icon with three dots is clicked in the profile.

In the presented menu, the function of including signals about the output of publications in direct instagram is activated. If the required operations are carried out correctly, the person will receive an SMS about the publication posted in the account.

Summing it up

Fixing the missing messages in your application is easy. Notifications for iPhone 7 or Android may not be sent for one reason. The corresponding options are not set in the settings of the phone or tablet. Often you should go to the settings and check for a check mark next to the actions. Warning about videos in history, about comments left. If it is absent, publications will be skipped. If this option is present, the user will receive warnings.

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