How to find and copy a link on Instagram from your phone to your profile:basic ways

How to copy a link on Instagram to your profile is a question, the answer to which will be useful for a user of social networks. The program is designed so that both an experienced person and a novice user can handle standard operations. This article provides information on how to send a link to friends so they can get a photo. The main features of the process are described.

Before describing in detail the specifics of copying an address, it is worth understanding the purposes for whom the process may be required. Here are the most important ones:

  • Create new content;
  • Spreading your own information on the Internet;
  • Want to share information with users.

When performing a copy operation, consider the person’s name. The address will be the base of the main url. Knowing the required combination, you can enter it manually without wasting time on personal visits to portals.

The instructions to be followed during the manipulation depend on which smartphone is at your disposal. If this is an iPhone, then you need to act according to one scheme, if Android, according to a completely different one.

If you follow the advice presented in the article, a person automatically gets the path to the page of interest through the browser. This is a personal or someone else’s profile. Having a link is important. You can distribute it on other social networks. Users will be able to find the account owner.

How do I do this on an iPhone?

In this situation, you need to decide how to find a link to your Instagram via your phone according to the following relatively clear scheme:

  • Switching to your own account;
  • The content of the line with the address in the browser is copied;
  • Inserts into the required section of the selected social network.

To achieve this goal, you can follow different instructions. Open the page you are looking for. The button with three dots is pressed. In the menu that opens after this, the copy option is activated. All the other person has to do is insert the content into the search bar, or send it to users in a different way.

How do I do this on Android?

In this case, the sequence of actions looks similar. There is no point in repeating it again. It should be noted that device users are allowed to change the address by changing the previously set nicknames.

In carrying out this process, it should be understood that the new username must be both consonant and relatively complex. You also need to understand that after changing the nickname, previously relevant links will stop working on the phone. For this reason, care must be taken to ensure that new links to publications appear where and from whom.

Replacement is easy. It is necessary to act through the section for editing the profile. A column with the name of the user or other parameter is selected in the menu. For the program to skip the new name, you need to use Latin letters. Other characters are not allowed.

You can try to expand on this topic in more detail. It is worth giving as an example the following method and sequence of actions how to copy a link to a profile on Instagram:

  1. The device is activated – PC or mobile.
  2. The network connection is being tested.
  3. Authorization is being made in the social network profile – your own or someone else’s.
  4. The page address is being copied.
  5. Inserts the combination where needed.

To perform the final action on the computer, you need to move your finger or mouse over the address bar. The written combination is highlighted and the copying option of your application opens.

Similar instructions can be used to copy the address of the selected account, to obtain the address of a photo or video. This is a great opportunity to share your friend’s Instagram content with users who want to.

Summing it up

There are many options for how to find and copy an address on instagram. The account owner can choose the best method for himself. If you do everything according to the rules presented to the attention of tips and clear sequential actions, it will not take more than a minute to complete the operation on the iPhone and Android.

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