How to get an invitation to Germany: step-by-step steps

For what and what “invitations” are

Residents of Germany have the right to invite foreigners. The availability of an offer to come to visit and a financial guarantee will facilitate the called process of obtaining a visa at the German embassy.

An invitation call is made to obtain a visitor visa. The design is handled by the person who receives guests in the house during the trip. The question is what kind of invitation to Germany to make – according to generally accepted concepts, there are two options available.

Unofficial. Minimum bureaucracy.

A simple way, without raising questions, how to issue an invitation, and how long it is done. Written in free form in German by a private person living in Germany.

In fact, this is a letter to the consular staff, expressing the intention to receive a specific guest, indicating the passport data.

The letter must be accompanied by the usual copies of the inviter’s passport – the page with personal data – and the residence permit if there is no German citizenship.

This is all that is required of a person who has invited friends or relatives from abroad.

  • The advantage of an unofficial invitation is the absence of bureaucratic delays.
  • Minus – the formal meaning of the paper, which does not oblige anyone or anything. There is no guarantee that consular officers will take the document into account when applying for a guest visa.

A sample written application to the consulate is available on the forum.

The option is not suitable if the visitor does not have sufficient income to independently provide financial guarantees for the trip to Germany.

Official. The income of the inviting party is important.

Behind the compound word Verpflichtungserklärung there are two definitions: Die Verpflichtung – duty, obligation and Die Erklärung – statement.

It turns out that an official invitation to Germany is understood as a “statement of commitment” – if the guest is unable to pay for accommodation, meals, treatment in case of illness, deportation and other expenses, the responsibility for payment lies with the inviting person. It is reckless to issue an official call to an unfamiliar person.

When making such a guest call, the following requirements are put forward:

  • The inviter is a German citizen or a person with a residence permit for a period longer than the period of residence of the guest.
  • Living space for accommodating guests and having a permanent job for at least 3 months. Entrepreneurs present a certificate of income from the tax office.
  • How many people can be invited depends on the financial stability of the inviter and family members living with him. The table contains specific numbers. August 2018 data from Ausländerbehörde München, they may differ from other states!
1 guest 2 guests
The inviter lives alone 1120 1360
Couple 1680 1880
Three (a family with a child, for example) 1960 2210
Couple with two children 2270 2600
Family with three children 2660 3160

Income is calculated as net, benefits are not counted.

If financial indicators are not enough for an invitation, you can arrange a Verpflichtungserklärung “in a joint effort” with a relative or acquaintance. In some Länder, savings account statements are taken into account – € 3,000 for an adult and € 1,500 for a child.

Registration of an official invitation

It is easy to fill in the invitation letter or invitation for a visa to Germany:

  1. Check the opening hours of the Ausländeramt (Ausländerbehörde) in your area.
  2. Assign a term (make an appointment).
  3. Prepare income statements for 3-6 months, the period depends on the land. On request, you may also need an Arbeitsbescheinigung – a paper confirming that the employee is not in the process of being fired. Issued at work.
  4. Submit the documents to the Office for Foreigners on the appointed date. The official will check the papers. The request is only allowed in person. By proxy, the department does not accept.
  5. Ausländeramt will issue a form where the details of the guests are entered: first names, surnames, nationality, date and place of birth, registration address and passport numbers. If you have copies of foreign countries on hand, this will simplify the process.
  6. If everything is filled in correctly, pay 29 € – and the invitation is ready!

It remains to send the original guest call to Germany by mail. The invited party will submit a call with other documents to the Visa Application Center or the German Embassy.

IMPORTANT: bureaucratic procedures in German cities and states may vary. Be sure to check the list of documents and requirements with the nearest office for foreigners.

The issued invitation allows you to submit a request for a German visa within 6 months. The delay leads to the refusal to accept the obligation, because in six months the financial situation of the inviter may change.

It is impossible to refuse the provided paper.

The revocation of the issued Verpflichtungserklärung is not prescribed by law. There is no guarantee that the fact of an official waiver of guarantees will be the reason for the closure of the guest’s visa. German Foreign Office

What visa to apply for with an invitation

An invitation call for Russians and residents of other countries gives the right to obtain a type C – Schengen visa. Together with the invitation not older than 6 months, a copy of the inviting person’s passport, travel medical insurance and an application form are submitted . You can download the application form on the website of the German embassy. Read more about the conditions for obtaining a German visa .

Most often, an entry permit is given for up to 90 days. Close relatives can count on a multivisa up to 5 years, but it is allowed to enter Germany once every six months for a maximum of 90 days.

About German officials – personal experience

We have issued invitations for family and friends many times. Surprisingly, the German bureaucracy in an amicable way pleases with humanity and loyalty.

So, on one of my visits to the Auslanderamt, I discovered that I had forgotten my passport. The official said calmly: “You don’t need a document to enter the passport number, I already see that you are you!” A scan of the passport was found in the department’s database. The official took the information from there.

Then it turned out that I do not know the exact address of registration of guests from Russia. And again, the official did not create problems, but asked to send information about the invitees by fax or email. Then I entered the address and sent the finished document by mail.

So do not hesitate to contact the Office for Foreigners to issue an invitation to Germany. Nice people often work there, ready to help.

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