How to monetize TikTok: connect your account and start earning

How to monetize TikTok and start getting paid for creativity? Tik Tok is a popular short video production app, kind of combining YouTube and Instagram stories. Now it has been downloaded by almost a billion users. It is known that you can make money on video on a platform like YouTube, and quite large sums. Is tik tok monetization available? In this article, you will learn how to monetize TikTok and how much you can earn from short videos.

Is there Tik Tok monetization

From the application itself

The app itself won’t pay for popularity. Therefore, the schemes of earnings here are associated with third-party services. They will be similar to the monetization mechanisms of YouTube and other social networks.

Through intermediaries

There are many ways to monetize Tik Tok, they require different levels of knowledge of the service, actions of varying complexity and allow you to earn both “pocket money” and quite a significant amount. The minimum requirements for this:

  • smartphone or other device with a camera;
  • content ideas;
  • free time: 30-60 minutes a day;
  • knowledge of basic tiktok mechanisms and schemas, which will be described later.

How to enable Tik Tck monetization

Even a novice user can monetize tik tok in several ways.

  • Fan Gifts at live streams
  • Cooperation with brands
  • Selling your own products and services
  • Advertising of profiles in social networks
  • Collaborations with tiktokers

You need to understand that in order to make money on Tik Tok, you must post quality videos. It should be unique, relevant, not boring and memorable. Therefore, before earning mountains of gold, fill the page with videos and collect at least a small audience of live subscribers who are interested in what you post.

Make your profile bright, don’t be sloppy, if possible, use a promotion so that your account doesn’t look empty. Consider your target audience and the composition of the app’s users. According to statistics, 58% of users in Russia are girls. After that, you can proceed to earnings. The next paragraph will tell you how to monetize Tik Tok with all of the above methods.

How to enable Tik Tok monetization

Here we will describe in detail each way of making money, so that any user can come to receive funds from creativity, because Tik Tok monetization is much easier than it seems.

Fan Gifts

Every blogger with more than 1000 subscribers gets the opportunity to broadcast. These are live broadcasts on various topics: from game streams to answering questions from subscribers. Users interested in content can give gifts to their loved ones tiktokers not only with likes, but also in the form of local currency. 100 coins cost ~ $ 1. This is the most direct, “official” way to make money on this social network. For example, a Chinese blogger-player on one of the live broadcasts gathered an audience of 22 million, and also raised more than 167 thousand dollars.


A blogger with 10-20 thousand followers can start collaborating with brands in several ways.

  • Hidden advertising. A bit like movies. In the video, you use the product that you want to advertise in any way. The product does not have to be mentioned directly. For example, the hero of the video can put on makeup of the declared brand, use the promoted brand of the product in the preparation of the dish. If the audience is large and active, just one use increases the interest in the products used.
  • Hashtags and challenges. Produce videos where you participate in challenges launched by companies, supply them with hashtags and get paid. For example, the Guess brand increased its profits with the Disheveled to Pretty Woman Challenge, which is thanks to its member users.

Selling goods

The bottom line is to use a tiktok account to promote your own brand. You release commercials promoting your product or service. For example, the coloring process, gel polish in the salon, or making cappuccino in your coffee shop. It is rather an additional advertising platform that will attract young people, who make up the majority of the platform’s users. And when combined with other social media, this will give you more reach.

If you have a relatively large audience, less popular budding bloggers can buy ads for their accounts from you. This is done either directly, that is, you mention a profile in the video, or you are filming a collaboration. In this case, you release a joint video with an ad buyer. This method will allow both TikTokers to gain an audience. The danger with this method is that collaborating with the “wrong” blogger lowers the popularity of your blog. If the topics of the two accounts are different, there is a big difference in the quality of the videos, such a video will not bring success to anyone.

As you can see, Tik Tock monetization is easier than it sounds, and it only takes effort and a large enough audience. In practice, it is much easier to gain subscribers in Tik Tok than on Instagram or Twitter, so making money here becomes easier than on other social networks.

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