How to get TikTok famous: free, fast and without cheating

How to become popular at TikTok and make your first money in 2020? This question is asked by many novice platform users who dream of making money simply by doing what they love. The platform is popular with people of all ages, among tiktokers you can often find not only young people, but also grandmothers and grandfathers. With the right approach to maintaining your account in the application, problems with subscribers will not arise.

Tik Tok is a social platform that helps creative people share their videos with the world. The main feature of the network is that almost all videos are filmed with music.

How to gain popularity on Tik Tok

Popularity on the platform is ensured to people who are original in the choice of topics for their content, select the right music, know about some secrets of promoting an account on the social network. With the right approach, you can become famous and bring your account to the “Popular” category within 24 hours from scratch.


There are some secrets to getting popular on TikTok for free:

  1. Correct create a profile. The account should attract attention from the first seconds, often the first impression directly affects the number of views. The more thoughtful the style of your platform, the more chances that viewers will choose your profile among thousands of other authors. When creating an account, it is important to use limited personal information for your own safety.
  2. Music. The main feature of TikTok is precisely the musical accompaniment of the filmed video, choosing modern and popular music from a huge selection of tracks, you contribute to the rapid development of your account. It is important to keep in mind the musical tastes of the already recruited audience.
  3. Quality of videos. Original content, popular music, a beautiful account – this will fade into the background if you upload pixelated blurry video. It is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment specifically for shooting in Tik Tok, most smartphones give out decent picture. If the quality is not good, it is better to refuse to publish such a video altogether, it will not gain many likes.
  4. Regularity. Make it a rule to publish videos regularly, for example, once every 2-3 days. The more regularly posts are published, the more chances to stay relevant for existing subscribers and potential viewers.

There are special books with tips and rules for the set subscribers to Tik-Tok.

As with other modern content platforms (Instagram, YouTube), Tik Tok is important to tag every post with the appropriate hashtags. There are tags that are added to videos most often, it is advisable to study them and, as necessary, include them in the description of the video.

A hashtag video reaches a wider audience than just a featured video without text. It is by tags that like-minded people can quickly find your video among millions of published posts.

Most often videos on a social network are accompanied by captions:

  • # like4like;
  • # comment4comment;
  • #like;
  • Etc.

Constant contact with other bloggers who have a large following is equally important. When shooting joint videos, you will not only advertise your account to a wider audience, but also open new connections for further cooperation.

When choosing a broger for a joint shooting, it is better to choose accounts that have only a few hundred more followers than you, if you contact a person who has more followers than your own. thousands of times, you are likely to get rejected.

No wrapping

How to become a popular TikToker without cheating? If you already have accounts on other social networks with a large number of subscribers, then you won’t have to use the promotion tools. When publishing a new video in Tik Tok, you just need to share it on other social networks to expand your audience. Currently connected to the platform:

  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;

You can share videos as a repost or as a regular link to content, this will help you get into recommendations.

Participation in challenges helps increase popularity. Often, popular bloggers, for example Yegor Creed, give calls to other users, as a result, when clicking on the hashtag, users of the social network will be able to see your video among all the content filmed by other tiktokers.

1 day in advance

The number of followers on a social network is the main indicator of the popularity and authority of the account owner. Videos by authors with a large army of subscribers are often featured in the Popular section and collect thousands of views.

It is problematic to become popular in one day, but you can quickly increase the number of subscribers and, due to this, go into trends with the help of cheating.

There are quite a few services on the Internet that offer to increase the number of subscribers for a small fee. The disadvantage of such services is that they mainly attract dead subscribers who will not watch your videos and put likes. You should use the promotion method only at the beginning of your account promotion.

This week

It is quite possible to become popular in a week, it is enough to publish some interesting videos that will collect a lot of views, after that you will be popular.

Just follow all of the above rules while maintaining and promoting your account, and there will be no end of followers.

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