How to install Tik Tok for free on your phone and pc

Learn about all the ways how to install Tik Tok on your phone – a popular video hosting site where you can not only watch and download various short videos, but also exchange messages with users. Anyone can use the video platform by downloading the free version on their PC or mobile.

How to install tik tok for free on your phone

Mobile version is supported on both Android and iPhone. The program itself weighs in the range of 50-100MB, but additional memory may be required to play videos and various effects correctly, so make sure you have enough free memory before downloading.

There are several ways to install Tik Tok for free on your phone, the simplest is to download it through the Play Market or AppStore.


To download the free version from the Play Market do the following:

  1. Go to Play Market and enter TikTok in the search bar.
  2. From the list of suggested options, select an offer marked Tik Tok Inc.
  3. Click on the “Download” button.

Usually, installation takes no more than a couple of minutes, once the application is fully loaded – it is ready to use.

  1. Registration is not required to view the video. If you’d like to share your content, go to the “Mine” tab and create an account.

More download options

There are a few other good methods to download hosting to your phone in a different way. If your android does not support the Play Market, then the program file can be downloaded directly:

  • Make sure that the function of downloading files from unknown sources is enabled on your android (go to the section “Settings” – “Security” and check the box next to the item “Install applications from trusted and unknown sources”).
  • Enter a request in the browser: Tik Tok APK, open the site, find the list of program versions in the first post and click on the download button.
  • Run the uploaded file.

You can also download the official version from the website on your laptop and send the APK file to your device:

  • Connect android via USB cable to laptop and confirm data transfer on mobile.
  • Copy the required file, open “My Computer” among the removable media devices and select your device.
  • Go to the internal memory of your mobile and copy the file to one of the folders.
  • Disconnect the android from the laptop, find and run the file in the specified folder – the video hosting is installed on your phone.

For iPhone

There is also a proven method for iPhone users how to install tik tok for free on their phone. Please note that it is supported on iPhones with iOS 9.3 or higher.

The safest place to download popular hosting is in the App Store:

  1. Open the specified app store, search for Tik Tok.
  2. Click on the name of the program and press the download key.
  3. Before downloading, you will be asked to enter your password for your iTunes Store account, the installation will start automatically after you enter it.

If you have an earlier version of the operating system, you can update it by syncing your iPhone via iTunes to your laptop. To do this, do the following:

  • Download the official iTunes for Windows.
  • Open the program and connect your iPhone to your laptop via USB.
  • Wait for synchronization with the program, as soon as this happens, the name of your gadget and the context menu will be displayed in the left corner.
  • Go to the top “General” tab, select “Download and Update”, the process is automatic.

After the system update, you can download the app from the App Store.

How to install TikTok on laptop or PC

You already know how to set tik tok on your phone, but you can watch popular videos and listen to songs directly on your computer. This can be done in the background by driving a video into the Tik Tok search, but for the application to work properly, you can download it to your device.

  • Download also a PC emulator (a special program for playing applications that do not have a PC version). Officially, BlueStacks is considered one of the most trusted.
  • Open the program and enter Tik Tok search directory.
  • After loading, the application icon will be displayed on the desktop.
  • To enjoy all the possibilities, you must register (among the available methods: identification by mobile number, registration with an indication of the mail or authorization through one of the social networks).

After installing hosting on any gadget you like, you can watch your favorite videos and share your own videos quickly and comfortably.

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