How to like a DM on Instagram

How to like Instagram DM? Recently, the popular social network has received an upgrade and new functionality has been added – the ability to correspond with friends, family and Instagram followers. The messenger is called. It allows you to:

  • Respond to the stories of those you follow, comment on them,
  • Correspondence with friends and subscribers,
  • Discussion of advertising campaigns with customers, if you have a blog,
  • Communication with customers, if you have an online store on Instagram, offering services and products,
  • Mailings.

The directive implements the possibility of correspondence, and most importantly, the ability to like in the correspondence. This allows you to rate the comments you like on your stories, as well as rate good posts, so that your chat partner is pleased. You can like him or yourself.

How to put like on Instagram in the directive?

Let’s figure out the process of how to like a post on Instagram in a directive in more detail. Step by step instructions:

  • Go to the home page,
  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner (looks like a bird or a paper airplane),
  • Select the correspondence and messages in it,
  • To like it, double-click or click on the heart below it.

A like mark will be highlighted with a red heart below it and “you liked this post”. You and your interlocutor see this. You can like him or yourself. Likes are placed not only on text messages, but also on photos and videos, stories that have been sent to you or sent by you.

How to like a post on Insta?

Posts are liked the same as comments:

  • You can click on the transparent heart below it, which turns red – this means that the check mark is set,
  • Double click on it – the same effect.

is a fairly popular social network with an interesting format, in which you can share photos, short videos and photos in stories with each other. You can like each other, comment, write in correspondence, send photos and videos.

– constantly updated and new, interesting functionality appears. The number of users is growing, high-quality (and not so) content appears. Record voice-overs, chat, comment and like each other, share your life with others.

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