How to link to VK on Instagram:basic ways

An Instagram link on VK is of interest to advanced users for various reasons. This is often PR, advertising of some kind of public, or just a link to a post. Since the algorithms of the social network Instagram do not allow making a clickable link in the content of the publication, we have to look for alternative methods of getting out of the situation. That is, you have the opportunity to place a link, but you will not be able to open it with one touch. Everyone will have to register it by hand in the search engine. It is inconvenient, time consuming and not always appropriate. This article explains how to deal with this situation.

There are three ways to share an interesting post or favorite community. The easiest, and known to almost every confident user of a personal computer, is to copy the content from the address bar of the browser and add it to SMS to a specific user. Everything is simple and fast, but there are also some peculiarities – you will have to move between social networking sites.

The second method is to leave the URL in the profile header. This advice is most often used by modern users.

And the third is to make a “story”, where the resource specified by the author opens by swiping. For advanced bloggers and experienced Instagrammers, none of the methods will be difficult, but we will still tell you step by step how to link to VK on Instagram:

  • click on your profile in the bottom panel;
  • choose “Edit” (it’s a pen-shaped icon next to your main photo);
  • here opens a list of items that you indicate in the “About me” section;
  • we need the “Site” section, where we insert the VK link (delay this line for 2 seconds, and press “Insert” in the context menu).

We emphasize that a direct URL to a profile, community, group, individual post or comment is allowed here. Do not forget to click the checkmark in the upper right to save.

Above, we mentioned an alternative method – the active button in the Instagram story. This is done simply, and the corresponding permission is available on almost all phone models. Use a simple step-by-step guide:

  • swipe up the screen;
  • select something from the gallery or capture real-time content;
  • at the top, click on the chain icon;
  • paste the copied link from the clipboard;
  • add call-to-action;
  • save.

To copy, you click on the three points “More” or “More”, and select the appropriate item there. After clicking it, the necessary information will be automatically placed in your clipboard. It is saved until the next copy or reboot of the machine.

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