How to log into Telegram online through the browser in the latest version

Initially, it was impossible to enter Telegram through the browser. The Telergam app was only available on smartphones. Over time, launching became possible on all operating systems using software, and now a browser version is available to Telergam users. The messenger shows correct operation on any systems. In an emergency, you can use the platform if you have a phone and a computer with a browser.

Telegram in browser

To enter Telegram through a browser, you only need an Internet connection and knowledge of a few nuances. Since 2014, the platform has been actively developing and now there is no fundamental difference in the method of registering or logging into an already created account.

Telegram in the browser allows you to view the news feed, conduct correspondence, change the appearance of the design and sound alerts. All user data is stored not only on devices, but also on platform servers. Therefore, logging in from any device, system, the user will find chats and subscriptions in their usual state.

How to enter Telegram from browser

In the browser, the latest version of Telegrams is always available online. To visit the messenger, you must do the following:

  • In the address bar of the browser used, enter and go to this page either;
  • At the bottom of the page that opens, you need to find the web version (Web-Version);
  • This option is clickable, you need to click on it;
  • Enter your mobile phone number in the special field;
  • An SMS with a code will be sent to your phone, allowing you to access your personal account.

Instead of searching for the online version, you can go directly to and start logging into your account. Sending a code is necessary to confirm the identity of the user and prevent unauthorized persons from entering the account. The Telegram online version does not allow you to use all the functions of the full-fledged application, but in an emergency you can use the messenger to exchange messages with other users.

For the platform to work correctly, the latest version of the browser used must be installed on the user’s PC. On earlier versions of the software, Telegrams may malfunction. The advantage for users with low Internet connection speed or limited traffic will be no need to download software.

Mobile version differences

Telegram for the browser makes it possible to fully communicate, exchange voice messages and media files. In online mode, the functioning of encryption protocols is preserved, which ensures complete secrecy of communication. The browser version has some limitations:

  1. The ability to create secret chats is missing;
  2. Not all custom profile settings are functional;
  3. Files over 1 GB cannot be exchanged, they cannot be sent;
  4. There is no option to create channels.

With the help of browser Telegrams, you can continue to use secret chats and channels (the maximum number of participants online is 200).

Despite this, the browser messenger largely repeats the design and interface of applications, so it is intuitive. There are localizers for software, but without knowledge of English, users will be able to master the online version.

Telegram on computer in browser

To open Telegram through any browser, you need to know and follow a few nuances:

  • Most modern browsers, updated to the newest version, provide the ability to use the built-in Telegram.
  • Make sure that the correct country is specified in the “Coutry” field, otherwise the phone number will not be accepted.
  • You can register a new account online on a computer. However, it is recommended to register through an application or software for desktop operating systems. When using browser-based Telegrams, there is a risk of getting into the service of scammers.
  • On the net you can find resources offering emulation of a mobile number. Before entering Telegram from the browser window, you must provide your personal phone number. The service from such resources is paid and is always fraudulent.
  • After the first authorization, if the “someone else’s computer” option is not enabled, the messenger will remember the device and will log in automatically. SMS confirmation is not required.
  • Some settings in the online version do not work. If you enter Telegram from Yandex or another browser, all users will receive a notification that the user is online.

In addition to all the advantages of the web version, high speed of messaging is maintained. There is no need to download Telegram to your device, any of the common browsers is enough. All user data is stored on different servers and cloud hosting. There are no obstacles in the way of sending messages for them. The online version of the famous Telegram is not suitable for the full use of the messenger, but it allows you to urgently contact the necessary interlocutors or read the news of the channels. The obvious advantage of logging into your Telergam account from different devices is that all user settings, chats and subscriptions are saved.

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