How to login Tik Tok in pc: basic methods

How to login TikTok on computer into a social network is possible, despite the doubts of a number of users J This procedure requires taking into account the subtleties that help to quickly set up work. The developers didn’t bother creating a stationary version of the client. Consequently, subscribers who intend to act through a PC resort to installing an additional service. We are talking about emulators that allow you to manage your account social networks that use the Android OS, mobile execution simulators have been created. These are BlueStacks, Nox App Player or Memu. Applications of this kind do not have significant differences. As part of the current material, we will consider the use of the Nox App Player. If you are using an iOS smartphone, then visit the source for a suitable utility. But we present a number of other software for emulating mobile space – Xamarin Testflight, MobiOne, Appatize.

How to login TikTok online on a computer

BlueStacks and other named programs for TikTok – entering from a computer is possible not only thanks to emulators. If the user does not want to bother with the installation of third-party software, an online login option is available. The latter is possible thanks to social networks, of which there are many J Consider the sequence of actions using the example of VK:

  • go to TikTok;
  • click on the silhouette of the man at the bottom right to enter your account;
  • in the list of icons, click “Vkontakte “;
  • select “Open” to go to VK;
  • allow the use of profile data in the popup.

Now on how to launch a social network via Instagram:

  • enter TikTok;
  • check the man icon to open an account;
  • specify Insta among the icon catalog;
  • Instagram will be automatically redirected.

A life hack for integrating other media platforms does not differ from Vkontakte and Instagram.

Basic computer requirements

Returning to the use of emulators, we note that the functionality involves a number of operations on a PC. This means that for satisfactory operation of TikTok, the input from the computer should not be associated with the difficulties of the hardware. In order for the technique to work properly with the Nox App Player, the following minimum requirements are put forward:

  • smallest video memory of 1 GB;
  • unallocated space on the hard drive of the computer – in the region of 3-4 GB;
  • CPU frequency – 2 Hz, number of cores – 1;
  • the minimum RAM value is 2 GB.

Judging by the specified parameters, the simulators of the mobile version do not need super-powerful hardware. Therefore, the use of emulators will not cause problems for most of the users.

Features of the computer version

It’s time to tell about the functions that simulators can perform:

  • launch two or more profiles simultaneously by clicking on the multiplayer button. To implement this feature, add multiplayer to the list of installed modules. Then click on the icon next to the base application icon;
  • no problems with installing the utilities after restarting the configuration (the minimum supported version is 4.4). Thus, we bypass Google’s policy of limiting compatibility with old downloaded specifications Tik Tok;
  • input from a computer with a simulator allows you to adjust the position of the picture – change to landscape or portrait;
  • toy fans are now free to use PC manipulators to complete levels J

How to login Tik Tok from a computer to your page

  • click on the little man icon at the bottom right of the main page TikTok;
  • then you can choose to create an account or authorize through social networks;
  • at the bottom of the frame, select the caption highlighted in the screenshot;
  • the service will display an offer to launch a profile using a contact number or e-mail – confirm the previously linked registration information;
  • type your password;
  • click on the red checkmark at the bottom.

If you have difficulty logging in, please tick the “We will help” sign. In the form that opens by clicking on the link, you are notified of the sending of the activation code to the user account. Then enter the code into the recovery form and provide a new password.

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