How to login Tik Tok without password via android and iphone

The entrance to the new generation TikTok social network is, to some extent, in demand due to the well-known shortcomings of the current Instagram. The brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg has limited functionality:

  • unsatisfactory video display level;
  • no rewind;
  • image compression;
  • ill-conceived support system.

Therefore, the program Tik Tok began to develop in the youth circle </ a> focused on music processing. However, the application also allows you to stream video, run it through special effects, share with subscribers and does not impose limits on the storage time of the footage.

TikTok is an extended version of Musical. ly with a main page containing a number of options. Initially, subscribers are provided with sections of popular compositions, configurations and manipulations with alerts. As part of the article, we will consider ways of free authorization in a pre-registered account.

How to access your TikTok page

If you don’t want to create an account in Tik Tok </ a>, log in online using media platforms. We present instructions for authorizing the service from VK and Instagram.

To access your profile from Vkontakte, open the official client and proceed with the action:

  • click on the silhouette of the man at the bottom right;
  • among the list of elements, poke at the inscription “Vkontakte “;
  • the site will ask you to confirm the transition to the specified social network;
  • tap on the opening line in the displayed frame;
  • a request will be displayed to make your page available to the system;
  • click Allow.

Authorization via Insta:

  • start the media platform;
  • mark the image of the man below – you will be taken to your Tik Tok account;
  • enter “Instagram” from the social media directory;
  • will automatically switch to the software of the selected service;
  • enter your registration information.

How to log into your Tik Tok account from your phone

It’s time to tell you about the authorization methods in My page via a mobile device. The algorithm is the same for all OS – with the help of a cellular device, TikTok includes:

  • via the phone specified in the field indicated in the screenshot:
    • waiting for a message to arrive;
    • write the code from the SMS in the proposed line;
    • enter password;
    • tap on the authorization button;
  • via email:
    • indicate the relevant data;
    • dial the password from the phone.

From Android

Let’s talk about how to install a popular application through the Play Market:

  • launch Google Play;
  • tap on the search icon;
  • enter the name of the utility;
  • in the list of results, click on the name of the social network;
  • click the button to install the product on Android;
  • check the launch button TikTok.

Fallback for users without access to the online store:

  • download the APK installation file from the Tru portal;
  • drag and drop content onto the portable gadget;
  • go to file vault management;
  • tap on the icon whose content is downloaded from the above site;
  • Sign in when the installation is complete.

From iPhone

To enter Tik Tok from an iOS device:

  • launch the AppStore platform;
  • click on the search box at the bottom of the frame;
  • specify the name of the application in the request;
  • among the search results, tap on the desired option;
  • click on the software installation button;
  • scan your fingerprint or type a password;
  • tap on the software icon if installation completes.

How to log into TikTok via Yandex

In the autumn of the outgoing year, information appeared in a number of sources that the music application was included in the list of sites supported by Yandex. has published the relevant information, referring to the employee’s comment Tik Toka.

From now on, advertising materials are broadcast in the video feed of the social network. Here is an algorithm for creating a video designed to attract customers through Yandex:

  • compiling main content from a stack of photos;
  • connecting a text description of the promoted services or goods;
  • automatic sound editing;
  • adding a control panel for portal visitors;
  • adjust the block to the orientation of portable gadgets.

The Yandex Advertising Network encourages you to purchase advertising on TikTok. Online logging into your page will be accompanied by a display of promoted products. When the robot reaches an audience that matches the campaign settings, it starts showing notifications.

The configuration of the Russian Yandex service is focused on paying for broadcasting content to the target audience. And to win the favor of the latter, there are settings for several parameters:

  • socio-demographic criteria;
  • geographical distribution of users;
  • subject of input queries, etc.

How to enter TikTok if you forgot your password

Let’s take a look at how to clear a secret combination of characters using an e-mail:

  • if you forgot your password, run the official client;
  • click on the entry label;
  • an error is displayed asking for registration information;
  • tap on the link “Recover password”;
  • type your work email address;
  • follow the activation link received in the email;
  • enter the new password for your account.

For a free password restart via the contact number in Tik Tok :

  • enter the media platform software;
  • click on the silhouette of the man to log in to your account;
  • tap on the button “We’ll help” – a frame titled “Reset” will be displayed;
  • select reset by number;
  • dial your mobile number and select the Next button;
  • write down the activation code received in SMS;
  • Enter the new data twice;
  • tap the checkmark to complete the operation.
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