Instagram dark mode: on Android and IOS

Instagram night mode, trend-following users intend to know. Let’s describe the reasons for the installation of black design by social network participants. Here are the ways to paint a profile:

  • default configuration;
  • inversion of colors;
  • Dark Mode Theme application;
  • beta testing the new mode on the Instagram Play Store page.

We advise you to download applications from official sources, so that instead of changing the design, you do not get into account vulnerability.

And to stay calm about security, invert the background. The Invert Colors option adjusts the coloring for interface elements and hosted content. However, the presented method is clumsy, since it affects the quality of viewing images. Read on to find out how to set the dark tones differently in the messenger.

How to dark mode Instagram on your phone

Developers of the social network last year took care of introducing a “night” design on users’ screens. However, unlike VK, photo hosting bloggers do not need to add the signature “Dark theme” to their posts.

Android 10 smartphones are supplied with the discussed background by default. Therefore, users do not have to puzzle over how to make a dark theme. On Instagram, their colleagues running iOS 13 can likewise be content with the default change settings.

Early spec gadgets provide for installation of utilities to resolve the issue. In this article, we will pay attention to the work of Android version 9 and below in the context of the black mode.

On Android

So, let’s get acquainted with the Dark Mode Theme software, which helps to install dimming for early platforms accompanying Google phones. Such developments can harm the device or obtain information about the information in your personal account.

  • download software;
  • install on phone;
  • enter your photo hosting account registration information;
  • Confirm Authentication.

After the manipulations, Instagram will appear in a browser version. The indicated use case contains Feed, Stories and Direct.

Messenger participants will not be able to use the functions:

  • overlay masks;
  • live stream;
  • monitoring IGTV content;
  • business profile configuration;
  • content handling settings;
  • switch between personal and commercial page.

And the main limitation of the Dark Mode Theme after setting the dark theme. On Instagram on Android, the browser view will change – the application will remain in the standard interface. Accept or upgrade your OS to get a fashionable cover.

What is the Instagram dark mode for?

Let’s highlight the reasons that encourage developers and users to prefer black style:

  • improving the perception of recordings due to high-quality highlighting of shades;
  • reducing eye strain during long surfing by news, Stories, friends’ accounts, etc .;
  • increase in battery autonomy, confirmed by the practice of specialists. After all, the need for intensive backlighting of the display made on the AMOLED matrix is ​​eliminated.

How to enable black theme on Instagram

First, about setting up dark mode through beta testing:

  • open Google Play;
  • tap the button that is responsible for the social network;
  • click the word “Beta Testing”;
  • take part in testing new program functionality;
  • put a black interface on a portable gadget;
  • open the official client with activated mode.

Now it is clear how to make a dark theme on Instagram if the mobile phone OS does not support the option. We present an algorithm for changing the skin for owners of devices running Android 10:

  • run phone configuration;
  • tap the Screen caption;
  • activate the “Dark Mode” toggle.

After the done manipulations, the background decoration becomes available automatically. The duration of the “night” format is determined by the individual settings of the user. To change the theme, find the “Advanced” group in the screen settings and select “Light” from the menu.

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