How to make a video in TikTok dressing up

How to make a video in TikTok with dressing up. This question is relevant among users who have recently discovered the capabilities of the application. Video editing requires skills in handling certain software. But in Tik Tok, videos are shot and processed easily, since the application’s functionality is as simple and understandable as possible to any user.

The idea of ​​dressing up videos on Tik Tok is quite popular. The specificity of such videos is simple, for example, a guy dances in front of the camera in one clothes, and then, at the snap of his fingers, he finds himself in another. Such videos look unusual and are perceived by the audience with great interest. Celebrities actively use Tik Tok’s capabilities to present their releases.

They shoot videos where one character is dancing to the music, then another, the girl is replaced by a guy or vice versa. Such video mixes attract the attention of users. The unusualness of videos with dressing up and the ability to show different participants allows you to shoot interesting and high-quality content with fast-paced dynamic events.

How to make a dress up video

The app helps to communicate and promote videos, with a financial benefit for the profile owner. Video in Tik Tok can be 15 or 60 seconds long. Rollers with dressing up people too. We will tell you how to remove Tik Tok with disguise.

  1. Open the application and log in. You won’t be able to use the built-in video editor without an account.
  2. Tap on the plus sign located at the bottom.
  3. Select the duration of the future video. Changing the duration of the future masterpiece with dressing up will become available after opening the section for creating a new video – a switch 15 or 60 seconds will appear below. You need to tap on the desired indicator.
  4. How to make a transition with dressing up. We tap the red button. A blue strip will appear on top, filling in as the recording progresses. At the right time, the user just needs to tap on the red button.
  5. Now you put on different clothes or insert a new person into the frame, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter 10 minutes spent on transformation, an hour or two. As long as the interface for creating a new publication is not closed, or the pink checkmark is not pressed on the right, video creation will continue at any time.
  6. When ready, press the red button and the video will continue to record.
  7. You need to stop shooting with the red button with a check mark.

All the dressing up video is complete. You can enjoy watching the created masterpiece.

Song to dress up in Tik Tok

Shooting clips in which characters dress up is technically difficult. It is much more difficult to think through the very essence of reincarnation, what clothes to choose or who to replace the character with to make it cool or super cool.

A popular song will help to diversify such a video, which can be added to the video by clicking on the corresponding icon. The application will offer you to choose music from any playlist or from the smartphone’s memory. Find the option you want and tap on the red use button.

To successfully promote your publication, you need to take care of the following points:

  1. Learn to create quality content, read the recommendations of top tiktokers. If you figure this out, videos will gain popularity on their own without any promotion.
  2. Cheat. If you can’t promote the publication at all, but you really need to, then you can push the content to popularity by using third-party applications like Likemania, etc.

No extraneous filters are needed to create a Tik Tok dress-up video. The necessary tools are already available in the video editor of the application. In fact, the shooting process is as simple as possible: we started recording a clip by pressing the red button>pressed again – paused the process to change clothes by pressing the red button>pressed again – continued to shoot a video clip. It’s simple.

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