How to make Instagram memories in Stories:how to view and customize

Instagram memories are a relatively new feature that appeared in 2019. Borrowed from Facebook, the function is intended for those who like to feel nostalgic for times gone by. J Users are encouraged to create a collection of old pictures.

The background of the innovation is such that initially it became available to selected participants of the photo hosting. After the launch of the pilot version, the Instagram management decided to provide memories to the rest of the subscribers.

Now everyone is free to make their own set of content from photos that were filed exactly one or two years ago. The system automatically selects files based on the placement time.

Based on this rule, people who signed up for an account in the media platform less than a year ago do not have memories a priori!

In this article we’ll look at where to find and how to add old pictures. Now let’s summarize the features of the new service:

  • the system offers posts and displays them in the alert list;
  • post change availability before direct posting;
  • the lack of a “feature” in profiles created less than a year ago.

Where to find memories on Instagram

How to make Instagram memories? Users can display historical images through the Archive or Notifications. The publication of the extracted material happens as if the user first “zipped” the post.

First, let’s see where the photos to be re-positioned are based:

  • click on the silhouette of a man after logging into the program;
  • tap on the three bars at the top right to open the menu;
  • select Archive.

After the steps taken, the posts added on the current day, but several years ago, will be displayed. Items are marked from the general stream with the date and the word “Memories”.

In addition, contemplation of other people’s posts through a search engine is available:

  • on the Google site, type the combination of the words “memories on Instagram”;
  • in the results of the search robot’s work, click on the line of the same name.

This will open a page with thousands of pictures. Content is selected according to the geolocation set by the user.

How to customize Instagram memories

The description can be edited (set different symbols, colors, clear) and then placed in Stories or sent to subscribers. Tap and hold the post frame on Instagram before making a flashback.

The settings menu is displayed, where you can run filtering and edit the font commands. A long tap on the text of the entry activates the appearance of the basket. Move the element there without lifting your finger if you want to delete the description.

How to add memories on Instagram

To repost nostalgic photos:

  • tap on the heart icon in the lower right corner of the profile (near the silhouette of a man) – the “What’s new” section with statistics of likes and old pictures will be highlighted;
  • mark the content of interest from the frame – a menu for editing the publication and the usual textual accompaniment (date and the word “memories”) will appear;
  • adjust the exposure, get the correct type, tint and positioning of the text. Also add filters or use standard editing tools;
  • select the circle of persons to whom you are sending the post.

Here’s another way to let fans know about a snapshot. After making a memory on Instagram through the “What’s New” tab, it is not superfluous to pay attention to the Archive:

  • in your account, tap the icon with a dial and an arrow – a fold of previous records will open;
  • specify an element in the list of images – a caption will appear with the title “On this day”;
  • click “Share” to send to Friends’ Feed.

How to post memories on Instagram in Stories

  • log into your social network account;
  • click in the profile on the button to open the menu (three stripes);
  • tap on the “Archive” label;
  • from the drop-down list at the top of the frame, check the Stories Archive item;
  • select Stories that match the conditions for uploading memories;
  • click on the Share button;
  • put the text at any position on the display;
  • click on the combination of the words “Your Story” in the lower left corner, and the photo report is now in Stories!

How to include memories on Instagram

When the user has the latest version of the official client installed and automatic transfer to the Archive is configured, there are often no problems activating the function.

But if you do not find a single record when entering the Archive, first make sure that the upgrade is up to date. Then think about how to make memories on Instagram. Timely software update is a guarantee of performance and support for new “gadgets”.

  • in the online store Play Market or Ep Store tap “Applications”;
  • click on My Apps;
  • specify a social network utility in the directory;
  • The software summary displays version information.

Next, check that the messenger is set to drag Stories materials that are more than a day old to the Archive. Otherwise, you will not be able to see historical photos, since they are simply erased from standard Stories without a trace.

  • click on the ellipsis at the top right to expand the sidebar;
  • mark the icon with the dial and arrow – the Archive will appear;
  • tap on the ellipsis;
  • select Preferences;
  • to enable autosave, activate the switch in the window that opens.
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