How to open Instagram dm on PC

How to open dms on Instagram pc. The social network Instagram, which is rapidly gaining popularity among users around the world, is sharpened for use through the official mobile application, which is downloaded for free from, installed on a smartphone with an Android or iPhone operating system.

Many people think that the full functionality of the service from the creators of Facebook is only available in the mobile application. But this is not the case. The main functionality, namely:

  • Editing of photographs and videos, their publication. In publications, you can publish short videos up to 1 minute. One video 10-15 seconds per story or a longer video, split into several stories,
  • Using filters for processing, editing images (black and white, sepia, adding brightness and contrast),
  • Posting stories (photos you don’t want to keep in official publications), short videos,
  • Creating interactive stories (polls, asking the user questions or writing answers to your questions, quizzes with the correct answer, communication),
  • Live streaming for subscribers directly from a smartphone
  • Communication in (correspondence, commenting on stories, advertising campaigns, offers from advertisers, negotiating contracts for advertising companies),
  • Using the archive with publications, stories, managing and configuring them.

Many do not find the services they need and use Instagram from their mobile phone, through the official free application. But there are official services that can be used for free and with the help of a personal computer, completely free and safe. Let’s talk today about the possibility of using correspondence via a computer.

Can I open a direct on Instagram on my computer?

How to open a direct on Instagram on a computer? There is no definite answer to the question, since there are several ways to use the functionality through a computer or laptop. The methods are as follows:

  • Official app via
  • Official emulator of the Android operating system on PC,
  • Web versions of services for use online through a browser.

Each method has its own disadvantages and advantages. The official app is the most secure, but it only works but it won’t work on earlier versions.

Online services are not entirely safe and should only be used at your own risk. And emulators require a lot of computing power, since in addition to Windows, another operating system is launched. If the laptop is weak, then the emulator and the application will lag, work slowly.

A simple and safe way (but suitable if the computer is running Windows 10):

  • Go to the Microsoft Store,
  • In the search engine we type,
  • Click on the “get the application” button,
  • The installation will start automatically and the service will be installed on your device.

How to access direct on Instagram from a computer?

After installing the application, open it. Log into your account using your login (username, phone number, email address), password.

Once in the application, you can take full advantage of all the functionality. From there you will get into messages. If you do not have Windows 10 or do not want to use this method, try an emulator (remember, it requires a lot of computing power on the device).

The most popular and safest emulator is BlueStacks. Step by step instructions:

  • Go to BlueStacks Official Website,
  • Find the installation file
  • Download it,
  • Double click on the downloaded file and start installation,
  • After installation, start the service.

If the service does not start, try another one, such as GenyMotion.

The emulator is a complete copy of the Android operating system. You will need to use your Google account and password (when using the Play Market).

This is similar to a smartphone app, so it’s not hard to figure it out. There you will go to messages.

Let’s look at additional ways.

Via browser

The previous methods might not help, so let’s move on to online services. Not all services are free, but they will complete the task without unnecessary computing costs and installations. Popular today is Idirect, which allows you to use advanced functionality, including correspondence.

The counterpart is Directbulksender.


  • Open an Idirect or Directbulksender program,
  • Log in with your login, password from the insta,
  • Get a full-fledged account with the ability to communicate with subscribers.

But remember that such services can often hack and steal user data. Some unscrupulous developers require a phone number and an SMS message for which they can withdraw money.

Via plugins and extensions

The Direct Message for Instagram extension from Google Chrome is installed like any other extension.

Once you have it installed and enabled, you can take advantage of the chat opportunity at.

Do you need these programs?

Programs allow you to access functions that are available from the mobile version. If you are a beginner blog and it is more convenient for you to establish contact with subscribers via a computer, then be sure to install the application from the official store or add an extension.

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