How to remove card from Google Pay?

How to remove a card from Google pay is a question that interests some users. Sometimes a card expires and cannot be reissued. If earlier it was attached to Google Pay and was used for payment, now it simply takes up an account slot.

How to uninstall Android Pay

Some users need to uninstall Android or Google Pay. This is usually due to three reasons:

  • The application is unstable: freezes, slows down, closes. In such a situation, you do not need to immediately uninstall the program. Try to find out the problem and fix it using your phone. Clear your cache and force quit processes whose origin is unknown. Optimize your work by pressing the corresponding key in the application menu. Sometimes updating the program is enough to fix the problem.
  • No payment is made. In this case, go to the wireless settings and check if NFC is working. If the Near Field Communication item is missing, check the chip is defective. To do this, contact the service center. And also the payment may not work if there is a lack of funds.
    Android Pay won’t launch. This is usually due to a software problem. Please contact technical support for the application.

If the user encounters one of these issues, then they should not uninstall Android Pay. The presented problems are fairly easy to fix manually. But in some cases, you really need to uninstall the application, or at least untie bank cards from it.

How to disable NFC on Android

To turn off Android Pay, just turn off Near Field Communication. To do this, just go to the settings, go to wireless networks and put NFC in a non-working position. Sometimes this can be done from the notification bar by clicking on the corresponding icon. The latter is the letter N.

On some smartphones, NFC is located in the device information. To turn it off, you need to go to the system settings, open the information about the smartphone, go to additional information. Find NFC and turn it off.

Removing a card from Google Pay: step by step

To remove a card from Google Pay, you need to open the application and go to the list of attached cards:

  1. Select the one you want to remove. It can be either a bank card or a club card.
  2. Go to the map and call up an additional menu.
  3. Select delete.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The presented instruction allows you to quickly remove one card from the attached ones. But you can also reset the data for all payment methods. To do this, just reset the screen lock in the smartphone settings. Google Pay also removes card information when the user uninstalls the app. The latter can be done in the Play Market if the owner of the phone was the initiator of the installation.

How to completely remove Android Pay from a smartphone

Sometimes Android Pay is installed on the device by employees of the phone company. In this case, you can uninstall the application as follows:

  1. Go to application settings and force stop the process.
  2. Clear cache and data.
  3. Reset updates if possible.

This will restrict the phone from interacting with Android Pay, but complete removal will require root installation. Remember that this will void your smartphone’s warranty. After installing root, use any file manager to clean the device from unnecessary information. Be careful not to delete system files.

How to disable or delete if your phone is lost or stolen

Sometimes you need to disable the cards attached to Google Pay. The bank may consider the application longer than necessary, and the phone is stolen or lost. Some users sell a smartphone, forgetting to clear their bank card details. In such a situation, it is necessary:

  1. Log into your Google account from a computer or another phone.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Request technical support.

Technical support answers questions of personal data security promptly. It is impossible to remove cards without preliminary preparation, without contacting support. Despite the quality of the security system, the developers of Google Pay did not provide for the ability to remotely disable cards.

In order for the user to be able to remove bank cards at any time, a special application must be installed on the phone and computer. There are several similar programs, for example, Android Device Manager. Using the application, the user can remotely control the smartphone, even if he lost it.

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