How to see your or friends’ likes on Instagram after the update

How to see your own and others’ Instagram likes is a question that many users face. After the next update, account owners were faced with the fact that it was no longer possible to view friends’ activities. To get data on who likes other users’ photos, you need to follow the instructions, tips and tricks provided in the article.

How to see who like on Instagram?

Previously, a similar option provided getting data on the activity of friends and subscribers on the platform. In the section you could see information such as comments, likes, left by subscribers.

At the same time, you could track who your friends were following. Later, a similar function was removed. This was discovered after another update. The developers made their decision based on the following factors:

  • Low popularity among users;
  • Violating personal boundaries.

If citizens are upset about the lack of such an option and calmed down, then commercial profiles are looking for other ways to solve this problem. They are looking for alternative ways to analyze and build their own business. If you download and install a special application, you can get data on personal pages, customer and supplier profiles.

How to see followers’ likes on Instagram?

A popular application is Zengram’s Instagram. It helps to solve the question of how to watch likes on Instagram. If you download and run it on your device, you can get the following data:

  1. Like what the account owner has put down.
  2. Number of subscribers.
  3. Page level and rank.
  4. Unsubscribes and blocks performed.
  5. Comments posted by the user.

To get this kind of information, you will need to register on the portal. The operation of creating a profile is accompanied by writing mail, as well as generating a password. After that, the user must perform the following operations:

  • Go to My accounts. Instashpy option is selected here;
  • Free trial profile verification;
  • Select a tariff plan on the basis of which the check is carried out;
  • Write the nickname of the social network user whose results you want to view;
  • Receiving data based on the specified data. The speed of page analysis directly depends on the number of subscribers.

Using the program, you do not need to pay tariffs. An alternative is to get a subscription to the program’s functions. It is issued immediately for a month or a year.

How to see another person’s Instagram likes after updating?

Zengram is not the only smart application that can be used to track the activities of profile owners on a social network. You can use such popular utilities:

  • LiveDune;
  • Popsters;

These resources are focused on a thorough analysis of pages and publications in social networks. They are often used by media people – companies and bloggers. Each resource has tariff plans. Everywhere there are calculation criteria. The time period is taken as a basis. The option to track the likes that a person puts is provided by this portal for a fee.

A question related to the study of previously placed likes on the one hand is considered useful. The analysis method is suitable for those who are interested in promoting a profile. On the other hand, not every user wants to track movements. To protect yourself from this, you should close your profile. In this case, it will not be possible to study the data even by subscribing to programs and applications.

There are other options for how to see other people’s likes on Instagram. By choosing the right action, you can get benefits such as:

  • Closing likes from outsiders’ attention;
  • You can’t watch the marks from friends and family;
  • Hide likes.

If the user closes the profile, it will automatically make it inaccessible to other users. To see the content you post, you need to request subscribe permission from the page owner.

There is a desire to hide content not from users, but from a specific person. In a similar situation, proceed as follows:

  1. Block the person. Then he will not be able to see the posted information on the page. You will also not be able to see the photo through search.
  2. Find out and remove a person from subscriptions and close the page after updating.

This is a simple way to hide likes from friends and acquaintances. If you plan to hide your own and other people’s likes in the application, left for other publications, you will not find such a function in the instagram. The only option is to block specific users on the network, whose attention is unwanted.

Summing it up

Studying the activity of Instagram page owners is considered quite a useful feature. Bloggers and businesses that need to know my subscriber preferences and views should do an in-account audience analysis and understand the interests of others. If previously there were no problems with such an option, then after updating the insta, you have to use alternative options and deliver unique content. Then there will be no need to download and activate

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