How to shoot a live broadcast on Instagram with masks:basic methods

How to make a live broadcast on Instagram with masks? Few of the users of the social network know that filters on Insta can be used not only when adding a story, but also when broadcasting live from the phone. Below we will look at ways to activate and change stickers in a broadcast.

How to enable masks live on Instagram on your phone

Masks on the Instagram social network originally appeared in response to the introduction of a similar function in the Snapchat app. The feature became so popular among numerous users that the administration of the social network soon allowed people to create and add their own.

There are a lot of face changes on Instagram right now – from real works of art that allow you to completely change the user’s appearance, to completely strange and frightening options.

Masks are used for more than just capturing stories. The user can enable them when broadcasting. Make sure to add the desired masks to your gallery before shooting. Most often, to add, just subscribe to the creator of the masterpiece.

On Android

To start shooting with a mask, you need to:

  1. Go to the add story menu. To do this, click on the circle with your account avatar in the feed or swipe the screen from left to right.
  2. At the very bottom of the opened section, select “live broadcast” from the story type.
  3. Scroll above the effects that are applied to the video.
  4. After completing the selection, click on the circle to start the broadcast.

To change the effect selected at the very beginning during the broadcast, click on the smiley image with two plus signs in the upper corner. A list of all available masks will open, among which we select the appropriate one.

You can change filters as many times as you want while filming a broadcast.

On iPhone

The process of activating stickers when filming live on iPhones and other iOS devices is similar to the instructions described above. The effect works in real time, changing your face while it is live.

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