How to style posts on Instagram:basic ways

The design of posts on Instagram is a question, the answers to which will be useful to users of this social network. Without such knowledge, you will not be able to become popular. It will not be possible to engage in the promotion of goods and services. The article presents the most popular content design options. If you use them, you can get a unique profile that will attract subscribers.

How to style posts on Instagram?

Before describing the main techniques in solving this issue, you should carry out preliminary activities. They are associated with the study of portals, which there is a desire to imitate. Here you can take ideas and implement them in your account. When conducting such an analysis, you need to ask the following questions:

  1. What attracts to the page?
  2. What features can you highlight?
  3. What is desirable to focus on?
  4. What you can use to achieve your goal.

Getting answers to these questions is important. The style of the page depends on it. After answering the requests, you can start working with images.

How to style your post nicely?

When deciding how to design posts on Instagram, first of all, you should start working with color. This is an easy and straightforward way to design a page and give it a consistent direction. When dealing with shades, you must adhere to these rules:

  • Repeating the same style in the background;
  • Emphasis on identical details;
  • Using the same filter;
  • You can use two or more solutions at the same time, alternating between them.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. However, it is important not to lose the unity of the pre-selected decoration.

Sales post examples

If you’re having trouble choosing the right tools for your account, you can check out some examples of posts that sell well. Creators of such content pay attention to such moments as photos, videos and artistic images. Here are some tips to follow:

  • You need to post high-quality images that clearly show the product or the account owner;
  • Light content is easier to perceive than darkened content;
  • The object that is shown should be carefully manipulated;
  • Image captions make content more attractive;
  • It is acceptable to use a carousel of videos and photos.

When trying to decorate your content it is important not to overdo it. Filters should be used in doses. A good result can be achieved using 2-3 bases. Also, the image should not be overloaded with details.

If you follow these tips carefully, subscribers and users who visit your profile will notice the post. If you supplement your photos with useful posts and hashtags, you can get a significant increase in the mass of followers.

Post Templates

To give the ribbon a consistent design, it is recommended that you use a dedicated template application. Among those in demand, it should be noted Crello, Canva, Snappa. These are unique editors where you are allowed to create images for the photo network.

To understand how the utilities work, it’s worth looking at an example using Crello. The rest work in a similar way. The user should follow these steps:

  1. Application registration in progress.
  2. You want to go to the proposed collection of templates for insta.
  3. A suitable base design is selected and the option with editing is activated.
  4. Choose Photo in the editor.
  5. The image is being loaded from the PC.
  6. The photo is enlarged and moved to the specified location. Photo correction is in progress. Clicking on the layer icon will move the photo until the original content is presented.
  7. The text, its style, color, location and size are changed.

Download is pressed, but you must first select a format. If you follow a similar instruction, you can arrange a ribbon. Users are picky. If they understand that the owner is not adhering to the general style, they will not be trusted.

Ready Post Examples

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of design and base for the photo, you should regularly study examples of publications posted in popular accounts. If you carefully examine these objects, you can conclude that successful users follow these rules:

  • Do not use blur and focus effect;
  • Add eye-catching detail to your images to highlight;
  • Don’t forget about the design rules, don’t mix color content with black and white;
  • Style must always be followed;
  • Image captions are equally important. Posts should reflect the essence of the photo and the account itself;
  • Occasionally it is allowed to make distracting posts to entertain users or make subscribers talk;
  • The text should be easy to read and literate.

By following the examples of popular account owners, you can engage your audience. Social network users begin to design content so well that they later begin to provide similar services to other citizens. This is a perfect example of skill monetization.

How to properly style an Instagram post?

To draw attention to your content, you should take nice photos and pictures. Close attention must be paid to the writing of the texts under the publications. It is necessary to study and take into account the techniques that help achieve such a result. Here are the main ones:

  1. The text is written on a new line. You need to go to the browser, open the section with editing and press enter. The necessary paragraphs are made here. The finished text is saved.
  2. Articles and posts should be centered. You should act in a similar way. But you don’t need to activate Input. Spaces are appended before each line. Before saving, you are allowed to see how the text will look in the application.
  3. Non-standard fonts. This form of writing is engaging content. To get such fonts, it is enough to visit a special portal where such programs and tools are created. You need to activate and download the content that you like, which will take on the appropriate look.

Don’t forget to use emoji. They convey the mood of the text, structure it. You can highlight the main points. Draw attention to important thoughts that deserve study and memorization. They are also added via the mobile app options.

Instagram posting application

You can do everything manually to decorate the ribbon. But to save time, we recommend using dedicated apps. They provide backgrounds, tints, frames, dots and spaces between lines. Here are the most popular options:

  • Diptic;
  • Frame Swagg;
  • Instafit;
  • Squaready;

When choosing applications and the tools and effects they offer, ask yourself questions. You need to understand how the person viewing the selling profile should feel. Is there a desire to feel carefree and fun. The selection criterion is the full reflection of the essence of the service or product. Some of them invite a photographer for this.

If you need well-thought-out filters and templates, the insta will not be enough. You can find examples in programs such as:

  • A Color Story;
  • Afterlight;
  • Lightroom;
  • VSCO Cam.

Properly selected filters and programs support the overall color scheme of the page, its style and mood. This approach combines images in one style. Smart planning and high-quality selection of filters can preserve an attractive and beautiful design. This is a great opportunity to make your account marketable.

Summing it up

In-app account registration cannot be done without professionally designed source material and tools. You don’t need to make low-quality and blurry photos and videos. Users are guaranteed to be attracted by high-resolution content made with a professional approach. Don’t be afraid to experiment with style, lettering, materials, colors and mood. The best option would be to maintain harmony in a single style. This is a guarantee of drawing attention to the finished page.

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