How to temporarily block Instagram via phone

How to temporarily block an Instagram account – what the option means – is a fairly common question. Despite the prevalence of the social network, sometimes it starts to get in the way. You don’t need to delete and block the resource forever. It is enough to refuse to use it for a while. Such a temporary block is useful in a situation where a person fears that they may be complained about. In this situation, you also need to hide the page for a certain period.

What does it mean to temporarily block on Instagram?

This hides the profile from the photoset. But not irrevocably, but for a while. Before describing in detail the procedure for blocking, it is worth analyzing the main reasons for the operation. Manipulation may be required in cases such as:

  • No account required;
  • People are not following;
  • Low traffic;
  • You need to create a new profile;
  • Not sure if an account is required.

Easy operation hides the profile along with the posted posts, photos, likes and comments. By disconnecting, the person erases their existence on the platform. [Sc name=”citat-close”]

The peculiarity of manipulation is that the deletion is not done forever. The profile can be returned back if desired. Such actions are allowed to be carried out many times. The main thing is to observe the frequency. Block the page no more than once a week.

How to temporarily block Instagram via phone?

To resolve this issue from a smartphone, you will have to use a standard mobile application or browser. Below are some examples of how to complete the procedure in the mobile version of the photo network.

From Android

The first thing to do here is to open the application and log in to it. The home page of the social network will appear. Further, the owner of the profile, deciding how to temporarily block Instagram via the phone, performs the following actions:

  1. The user icon is clicked.
  2. Next, go to the settings.
  3. In the presented menu, the option to edit the account is selected.
  4. After scrolling down, find and click on the temporary lock.
  5. The program will move the person to another section. The reason for the operation should be written here.
  6. The option is confirmed.

This will open the login form. As soon as a person changes his mind and decides to use the profile again, it will be enough for him to carry out regular authorization.

From iPhone

From this device, disconnecting an account is carried out in a similar way. To understand that there are many blocking options, it is worth considering the scheme through a mobile browser. In this situation, the user follows the instructions:

  • Opens the browser on the phone;
  • Finds the official social network portal by search;
  • Authorization in progress;
  • A shortcut with a man is pressed. It is located at the top of the display;
  • Profile editing is selected. This icon is placed between the name and the gear;
  • At the bottom of the section, find the function you need;
  • The reason is indicated and clicked OK.

If the above steps are performed correctly, the account will be disabled. In this case, the blocking will occur on all devices. To use the photo network, you will have to restore access.

What does it mean to temporarily block the subscriber and user?

Speaking of blocking, you should pay attention to the fact that you can temporarily block not only your page, but another user. Here the scheme of action is clear. The profile of the person of interest is taken. Three dots are pressed and lock is selected in the menu.

This operation can be performed for various purposes. It doesn’t matter if a temporary lock is required or permanent. The decision in this case will not be blocked, but the one who carried out the operation. The ban is usually set permanently.

How does temporary blocking work?

The essence of this function is that access can be returned at any time. The main thing during the absence is not to forget the authorization data. If you are sure that the social network will be visited again, it is worth writing down the login and password on third-party media.

There are many reasons for this short-term and non-permanent locking. The most common ones are listed in the appendix. They are highlighted when this operation is carried out. When deciding how to temporarily block a page on Instagram, you need to choose one of the following reasons for blocking:

  • Can’t find items to subscribe via phone;
  • Problems at startup;
  • Confidentiality concerns;
  • Want to remove content;
  • Break needed;
  • Messages interfere with work;
  • A lot of annoying ads;
  • A second profile has been created.

User makes choices as user and subscriber. Enters a password and clicks on the line with the appropriate option. Finishes the operation by pressing YES. After that, the person logs out of the account for a while and returns after deciding to use the social network application again.

Summing it up

To restore your account and publications after this operation, you just need to log in to your profile from your phone running on iPhone and Android. If the owner of the page did not take care in advance to save the login and password, he will have to restore the ability to enter. This can be done via mail or linked Facebook page.

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